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The United States considers Morocco an important actor in maintaining security in the Maghreb, Sahara and Sahel, regions that are targeted by the activity of various terrorist and criminal groups that threaten regional and international security.

This key position of the Alaouite kingdom means that the United States seeks to strengthen military and intelligence cooperation with Morocco. One example is the new edition of the African Lion military exercises, in which the Moroccan and US military forces participated in close collaboration.

Another sign of this cooperation was the visit of Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance of Morocco, to Washington recently to meet with US intelligence and security officials. These working sessions, which lasted several days, aimed to study and analyze the current challenges in terms of regional and international security and the latent threats posed by the various jihadist and terrorist groups in different areas such as the Sahel, the Sahara, the North of Africa and even in the Middle East and Europe.

PHOTO/FILE – Military exercises between the United States and Morocco

Hammouchi held working sessions with senior US security officials such as Avril Haines, director of US intelligence, William Burns, head of the CIA, and Christopher Asher, director of the FBI. The sessions aimed to improve coordination between Moroccan and US efforts to combat terrorism, cybercrime and organized crime across North Africa and the Sahel region through the exchange of information and intelligence.

An official communiqué from the Directorate-General for National Security and the Directorate-General for Territorial Surveillance of Morocco explains that the Moroccan delegation’s visit to Washington highlighted the strength of bilateral cooperation that unites the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States in various areas of security domains, such as the fight against terrorism and organized crime. In this regard, analysts pointed out that several terrorist groups operating in the Sahel also engage in illicit economic activities to raise funds for their own benefit and criminal activities.

The communiqué from the Directorate General for National Security and the Directorate General for Territorial Surveillance indicates that “virtual operations” linked to the fight against the terrorist threat and organized crime, particularly in their cybernetic forms and their transnational links, were also analyzed.

United States and Morocco military exercises
PHOTO/FILE – Military exercises between the United States and Morocco

It is also worth mentioning the recent large acquisition of American military equipment by Morocco to strengthen its armed forces, including modern helicopters and sophisticated missiles.

Nabil Andalusi, a researcher in international relations, highlighted that Abdellatif Hammouchi’s visit and meetings at the highest level of security and intelligence are an indication of Morocco’s confidence and security presence international, continental and regional, and reflect a high degree of coordination and cooperation between the two countries, as reported by Al-Arab News.

This ongoing close cooperation saw an important turning point when the US administration of Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. supporting his proposal for a great autonomy of the Saharawi territory under the sovereignty of the Alaouite kingdom; in return, the kingdom established diplomatic relations with Israel, following in the footsteps of other Arab countries according to the postulates of the famous Abraham Accords. These pacts have brought Arab countries closer to the State of Israel and serve to promote peace and security in the Middle East region and the world at large, facing common enemies of these countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The United States and Morocco flags next to the map of Morocco authorized by the US Department of State
PHOTO/AFP – The flags of the United States and Morocco next to a map of Morocco authorized by the US Department of State.

Other nations followed in the footsteps of the United States and recognized the Moroccan project to resolve the Western Sahara crisis as the most realistic, taking into account UN precepts, including notable examples such as Germany, UK, UAE and Spain. Contrary to the proposal for a referendum on the independence of the Saharawi people defended by the Polisario Front and Algeria, Morocco’s great political rival, which enjoys less support on the international stage.

Coordinator for the Americas: Jose Antonio Serra.

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