Labé: the NGO Solidarité Suisse-Guinée gives a big batch of laptop gear to the College

The conference room of the Rectorate of the University of Hafia de Labé served as the setting for the official ceremony of delivery of a large batch of computer equipment offered to the institution by the NGO Solidarité Suisse-Guinea, reports a correspondent for Guineematin .com in Central Guinea .

This precious gesture of Swiss-Guinea Solidarity comprises 80 laptops, 50 monitors, 10 desktops and monitors, as well as 10 printers.

Dr. Mohamed Chérif Sow, Rector of Hafia Labé University

The ceremony was presided over by the University’s Rector, Dr. Mohamed Chérif Souaré, surrounded by his Secretary General, Moussa Diakité and several other executives, including Oscar Ouendounou, Ms. Fatimatou Diallo, all of the institution’s external relations department as head of the IT department, Abdoulaye Sow. Not forgetting the head of the IT department, Samba Camara.

He returned to Mrs. Eliane Lawson, director of the Solidarity Center for Women in Guinea, founded by Solidarité Suisse-Guinée, which takes care of the reception and support for women victims of sexual and gender violence, to send the precious package to university authorities in Labé.

Mrs. Eliane Lawson, Director of the Guinean Women’s Solidarity Center

“In terms of IT equipment, Swiss-Guinea Solidarity has been involved, for several years, in advocacy with the United Nations for the collection of computers and their distribution in Guinea, in favor of vulnerable groups with very low incomes such as young people, women, associations and the education system . Since 2016, for the sixth (6th) consecutive time, thanks to donations from the Office of United Nations in Geneva, Swiss-Guinea Solidarity managed to provide several Guinean schools with computer equipment to encourage young people to train in computers to become the effective executives the country will need. It forms part of the execution of the activities of the Swiss-Guinea Solidarity (SSG) in Guinea”, he explained.

Visibly pleased with this important gesture, the Rector of the Hafia University of Labé, Dr. Mohamed Chérif Sow warmly welcomed the initiative.

“I would like to express our sincere thanks for the quality and quantity of this offer of computer equipment which is today an indispensable development tool. Digital is not for presenting. The benefits of digital are now known for the development of societies and especially developing societies, because we have noticed that in recent years, through digital, our societies have somehow managed to catch up. We have therefore managed to make a technological leap to reach the same level as Western societies. But for that, you need to have tools without which you can’t. There is no doubt that our young people have the intellectual capacities, the skills needed today to compete with anyone. We see today that inventions are not the prerogative of Western countries. There are examples… It is true that we, African countries, are a little behind. But I assure you that African countries, in particular Angola and Kenya, are today at the forefront of technology. Angola now has a research center that has a strong ambition to become a spearhead in Africa. Through tools, I think, therefore, that many of our problems can find solutions. That’s why we put digitization at the heart of our establishment project. We therefore have a strong ambition to mark the placement of digital technology at the service of training and support for entrepreneurship here. These tools will therefore be of great use to us in the context of this project. So, before you come to make the official delivery, we took the lead, we already started using these tools, because the need already existed. This is to say how important this donation is to us. A gift that goes straight to our hearts. Once again, the university really wants to position itself as the spearhead of digital development in Guinea. And that’s thanks to training,” he said.

It should also be noted that some NGO partners and various other civil society actors, including journalists, have also benefited from an endowment of IT tools.

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