Gabrielle Goyet receives the Sami-Aoun Medal – Information

Gabrielle Goyet
Photo: UdeS – Michel Caron

Since 2021, the School of Applied Politics of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (FLSH) has awarded a student who places coexistence at the center of their actions and their daily lives.

The Sami-Aoun Medal, an initiative of the vice-chancellor of development and international affairs Pre Isabelle Lacroix, was created in the image of the eminent professor who bears the name. Throughout his prolific career, professor emeritus Sami Aoun has shared his values ​​with the university community and left his mark there. This recognition, therefore, intends to highlight the commitment, academic excellence and the remarkable contribution of the members of the student community of the School of Applied Politics to the improvement of coexistence. The Medal and accompanying $300 Scholarship are awarded annually to a student aged 1er or 2and cycle in applied policy that meets these criteria. Recipients, often very involved in their community, are always very inspiring.

This year, Gabrielle Goyet was chosen to receive the Medal and we wanted to know a little more about this winner.

  • Where are you on your academic journey?

I am currently completing my BA in applied political studies, specializing in international relations. I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Applied Political Studies.

  • Why do you think you were chosen to receive this distinction?

I think I got this recognition because of my many hours of involvement in my university environment, both with the University of Sherbrooke Student Federation (FEUS) and within the School of Applied Policy (ÉPA). I think I helped keep the political agenda cohesive even during the pandemic, when it was harder to create the EPA group spirit.

I was particularly involved in the Society for Political Studies (SEP), but also in events for the department such as the integrations, the SEParti Cup, the Wine and Cheese Gala and the Political Science Games (JDSP). The pandemic was a more difficult time for student involvement, but it was precisely at that moment that I was challenged by the cause! Engaging and giving back to my community has been a way of holding on to something tangible during lockdown and after, as well as allowing me to break social isolation.

  • How do you face this announcement and this recognition?

It is an honor for me to receive the Sami-Aoun Medal, as I know how much this teacher has left his mark on his community. It encourages me to continue to get involved and give it my all.

  • What do you remember about your career at the School of Applied Politics?

The EPA has been an extraordinary growth environment for me academically, professionally, and individually. I found my way there, as well as meeting people who changed my life. I can say with certainty that I could not have found a better place for my accomplishment.

  • What will your master’s focus be?

My thesis will focus on the Trudeau administration’s feminist foreign policy and its implications for Canadian action in the world and, more specifically, with women in an unstable environment.

  • Your goal after graduation?

In the long term, I would like to work in the world of active politics or international diplomacy. In the short and medium term, I would be more focused on research and, ideally, on teaching.

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