Blanquer on the march to the College of Assas after his defeat within the legislative elections

POLITICS – Will Jean-Michel Blanquer return to training at the university after his defeat in Loiret in the legislative elections? While teaching conditions in universities have been denounced for years, the president of the Panthéon-Assas university would have been arrested with an “exceptional” request on Friday, June 17, reveals mediapart.

This Tuesday, June 21, the media reveals that this specific request consists of “opening a tailored position to receive ex-minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, defeated in the legislative elections”. It is recalled that the former Minister of National Education was defeated in the first round of the legislative elections in the 4th constituency of the Loiret on 12 June. Five days later this exit door took shape, while, as specified mediapartno post was foreseen until then in Assas.

The “prestige” for Assas to have a former minister in its ranks

In a message addressed to his teams, the rector of the university, Stéphane Braconnier, professor of public law, spoke of the “unusual, even exceptional, of the request”, which he says had been “seized”. “I was also asked to consider the possibility of welcoming the ex-minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, agrégé in public law in 1996 and a specialist in constitutional law and comparative public law, to our university,” he wrote.

as specified mediapart, in normal times, the recruitments are decided by the professors of the department in question according to the needs and are subject to a tender application. Here the procedure does not look the same. However, Stéphane Braconnier assures us: if the recruitment process continues, the regulatory procedures in force will obviously be implemented and followed”.

To justify this new position, the university’s dean puts forward several arguments. The first is the creation of a position “acquired definitively at our university”, which, according to him, “would provide the means to consider staff reductions [d’étudiants, ndlr] in courses or seminars for which it may be useful”. It also evokes the “prestige” that the university would have in welcoming a former minister and the contacts he could provide.

A generation of jobs that could ignite when for months higher education unions have been protesting the underfunding of the university and the excessive use of temporary and contract workers, for lack of credit to open vacancies.

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