accused of rape, professor approved by the court docket to return to instructing on the college

Two students and a teacher filed a rape complaint against him. Accused in 2017, justice authorized him to return to his establishment, generating controversy.

It’s a controversial decision that the Rennes Court of Appeal handed down last month. A professor at the University of Rennes 2 was indicted in 2017 for “rape” after three complaints from students and a professor. As the investigation is still ongoing, he was authorized to return to teaching within the establishment by the courts, having changed the conditions of his judicial review, learns from a judicial source, confirming information from the Telegram.

It was after a communication campaign against sexual and gender-based violence on the Rennes 2 campus that a first complaint was filed in 2017: a 24-year-old student reports having been raped by her thesis director, then director of Staps UFR.

Following this statement, the latter is therefore indicted for “rape by a person who abuses the authority conferred on him by his function”, “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment”. Placed under judicial supervision, he is prohibited from teaching at the establishment. Later in the same year, two other complaints emerged: another student and a teacher reported similar actions on the part of the teacher in question.

Management prohibits you from accessing the campus

The idea of ​​a return by the interviewee aroused the indignation of some in the university’s ranks. One of the complainants also reacted, saying that she had lived for several years “with this fear and this disgust in her stomach”, report our colleagues from west of France. The direction was therefore quick to make its position known: access to the campus is temporarily prohibited to the professor in question, in order to maintain a “peaceful work environment”.

“[…] In order to preserve the safety and health of its agents, the University has adopted a temporary measure prohibiting the agent’s access to the university’s premises, in order to guarantee, as far as possible, a peaceful working environment. , respecting the presumption of innocence”. writes management in a press release that we were able to consult.

The decision came after a meeting with the university’s health, safety and working conditions commission, which pointed out the difficulties such a situation could cause, even if the whistleblowers are still on campus.

“Inadmissible”, denounces his lawyer

In turn, the accused always denied the facts, each time evoking consensual sexual relations. “This decision by Rennes 2 is inadmissible,” said his attorney, Me William Pineau. Contacted by, he also points out that his client is presumed innocent.

Before the Court of Appeal’s decision and the university’s refusal to welcome him into its premises, the professor had already been authorized to resume his activity, but in private establishments. This time, the Court of Appeal had validated the fact that he could work at the University of Rennes 2, as long as everything was arranged so that he could not get in touch with the plaintiffs.

“It would have been largely possible in a location as large as the Rennes 2 campus,” comments Me William Pineau. “My client has a family to feed. We cannot accept such social and economic slaughter”, he finally denounces.

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