Uncover the exhibition “Within the eyes of Antoine Giacomoni” in Millau

An exhibition about photographer Antoine Giacomoni opens its doors at the third place PingPong Le Toit in Millau, organized by Aporia Culture, cultural structure in Aveyron from June 20th to August 30th.

Focused on the musical universe, this exhibition presents around twenty portraits of rock and reggae artists, such as Johnny Thunders from The New York Dolls, Serge Gainsbourg, Boy George or Cédric Myton from The Congos (poster).

Antonio Giacomoni, originally from Corsica, left for Paris in the 1970s to study Fine Arts at the Sorbonne. Passionate about music and photography, he moved to London during the punk movement and became a professional photographer. He is then the author of a hundred portraits of artists, musicians, singers, filmmakers, choreographers, actors, fashion designers from the 70s to 2000s.

It was traveling through Jamaica in 1978 thatAntonio Giacomoni decided to make photography his profession. Through the portraits and photoreports he did on the island at that time, it is an entire Rasta community thatAntonio makes you discover in Europe: the streets, the beaches, the sound systems, the murals, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Toots, Lee Perry, Cédric Myton from the Congos…

It was then under the title Mirror Session that the greatest artists such as Daho, Bauhaus, Nico, Nick Cave… Antonio Giacomoni invented a photographic device, to take artists through a transportable mirror. Many are those who allow themselves to be drawn in black and white.
His photos are regularly used as album and vinyl covers, they are also published by the national and international music press: Stone, rock & folk, playboy, telerama, Ongaku-Senka (Japan), Zig Zag Magazine (UK), The face (UK). He publishes them in retrospective works: portrait through the mirror (ed. La Sirene, 1991), Nico, exile drama (ed. Horizon Unlimited, 2002), Reggae Jamaica (ed. Horizon Unlimited, 2004), Daho by Giacomoni (ed. Horizon Unlimited, 2004).
In 2017-2018, the Philharmonie de Paris dedicates an exhibition to Etienne Daho, who commissioned several photos of Antonio Giacomoni. These can be found in the event catalog: Daho likes to pop! (ed. Gallimard, City of Music, Philharmonie de Paris, 2017).

In September 2021, Rencontres de la photographyie in Arles paid tribute to Antonio Giacomoni. In 2019, it was the Perpignan International Festival of Records and Comics that dedicated an exhibition to him.

In parallel, Antonio Giacomoni is very connected to his Corsican roots and to the territorial identities in struggle. He has produced several series through the looking glass, which will be published under the titles: Corsica through the looking glass (ed. La Marge editions, 2002) and Catalans through the looking glass (ed. Trabucaire, 20007).

Charlotte Athlan Clavreuil

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