Practically 3 times the estimated admissions this fall on the UOF

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TORONTO โ€“ The University of French Ontario (UOF) is still struggling to recruit French-Ontario students according to the latest statistics made available by the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC). On the other hand, out-of-province admissions should once again save the day according to the latest data, which currently estimates a 164.4% jump in admissions for all groups combined from last year.

Four students confirmed accepting an offer of admission to the UOF for the next academic year, this is one student less than last year in this same period according to the latest data made available by the OUAC.

A drop, yes, but relative according to a UOF statement in ONFR+ which is encouraged by the other data relating to applications for admission outside Ontario.

While there were 68 last June, this year 189 prospective high school students outside Ontario, adults, exchange students and internationals have chosen the establishment so far.

Data that increases the number of confirmations of hospitalizations from 73 in June 2021 to 193 for this year, a significant increase of 164.4% that, however, can still evolve.

The optimist UOF

In fact, the UOF remains very bullish as confirmations are still expected to increase at the start of the school year: “The figures released this week are a fixed-date annual portrait as confirmations keep coming, which bodes well for the UOF . ยป

After a 40-year struggle over its creation and a massive multi-channel recruiting campaign targeting Ontario high schools since opening in November 2021, the UOF appears to be having a hard time attracting its target audience to which the UOF Toronto’s downtown establishment was created.

As of May 2021, 19 Ontario high school students have applied for admission, and as of May 2022, that number was exactly the same according to OUAC data.

Last year, for their first return, however, more of them joined the โ€“ virtual โ€“ benches of the university, which may portend a note of hope for this year according to the UOF.

“If last year’s trend repeats, the UOF could welcome nearly thirty Ontario students in September 2022 into its short-term bachelor’s degree programs,” said a statement sent to our editorial team.

A drop for Laurentian

For his part, Laurentian, whose setbacks have been at the center of media coverage in recent months, is again losing interest among Franco-Ontario students.

From 626 in June 2021, 466 confirmed admission to the establishment according to current data, representing a drop of 25.6%.

The crisis at Laurentian University caused admissions confirmations for Franco-Ontarian students to drop. Image credit: Dominique Demers.

On the other hand, the popularity of the Sudbury establishment continues to increase with students from other provinces and abroad, with an increase of 33.1%. All in all, Laurentian is seeing a projected drop in attendance estimated at 6.7%.

a general increase

For Hearst University, now autonomous, all indicators are up. The institution, which gained its independence from the federation that linked it to Laurentian University, is now attracting four more Ontario high school students who have confirmed their admission, increasing from seven in June 2021 to 11 this year.

A slight increase also for non-Ontario students, from 17 to 19 years old for a projected overall population increase at the start of the school year of 25%.

Same scenario for the University of Ottawa, which received confirmation of 3.8% more Franco-Ontarian students than in June 2021, but a much larger increase in students from outside the province. From 3,634 in June 2021, this year 4,943 confirmed their interest in setting up the capital, an overall increase in attendance estimated at 17%.

In closing, confirmation increases are well established across the province, which saw 2.7% more confirmations compared to June 2021.

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