Egypt in turmoil after the terrifying homicide of a younger pupil

Worse than the atrocious murder, his video that circulated on social networks in a few hours. Nayira Ashraf, a young Egyptian student, instead of going to her class at the University of Mansouria as usual, had to leave this world in the most violent way. Stabbed in the chest, then slaughtered like a sheep, Nayira could not escape her attacker and her sad fate. She was killed in cold blood in public, before the eyes of passersby without anyone being able to help her.


According to the first elements of the investigation carried out by the Egyptian police, the murderer would be a student who is continuing his studies at the same university as the victim. While some Egyptian news sites claim that the crime was carried out in retaliation after an argument that took place in a minibus, others explain that the killer had already asked Nayira to marry him. The latter would have refused his advances, pushing him away. Unable to swallow this refusal, he kills her to avenge his wounded love. Versions that multiply while waiting for the investigation and cross-examination of witnesses to succeed and reveal the true reasons behind this heinous crime.

Remember that in 2017, 50,000 women were killed worldwide by an intimate partner or a member of their family. According to UN Women, femicides today are mostly committed by men. Indeed, of the 87,000 women killed in 2017, 58% of them were killed by an intimate partner or family member, reveals the 2019 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). . “Many victims of femicide are killed by their current and past partners, but also by their fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and other family members because of their role and status as women,” specifies the UNODC study.

global scourge


Case under review by the Court

As for the methods of operation, the study shows that in most cases (66.1%), men resorted to a weapon (blank weapon, firearm or even target weapon). Next come strangulation (20) and beatings (15). Finally, the UNODC report indicates that in four of the five regions of the world, the home is the most dangerous place for a woman.

A global scourge, femicides affect women on every continent. If we compare the number of femicides by region of the world, we see that Asia comes first with 20,000 women murdered in 2017, ahead of Africa 19,000, the American continent 8,000, Europe 3,000 and Oceania. family homicide rate of 3.1 per 100,000 women, Africa is the region where women are most at risk of being killed by an intimate partner or family member. Europe is, in turn, the continent where the risk is lowest (0.7 per 100,000 women), much after the American continent (1.6), Oceania (1.3) or even Asia (0. 9).

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