CGTR Educ’Motion denounces “severe and abusive” administrative errors

On June 16, 2022, the university section of CGTR Educ’Action organized a trade union information meeting that was attended by over 50 people.

In the press, the Rector of the University indicates that “the meeting with the CGTR was impossible this semester”
2 meetings have been proposed for the CGTR Educ’Action section this year. A first meeting in March but postponed by the cabinet, the second social dialogue meeting was postponed at the request of CGTR Educ’Action (for medical reasons). We were proposed a new date, positioned on May 10, 2022, to then be canceled 3 hours earlier, by the President’s office!

The president talks about monitoring the end of contracts, says that there are no administrative errors and says that the situation is completely regularized.

No, the situation is not completely in order. For CGTR Educ’Action, administrative errors are very serious and abusive for all employees of the establishment. Here are some examples:
– No salary collection in December 2021 for a certain number of contracted workers,
– Non-receipt for several months by contract workers of their entire salary due,
– Change in the reason for non-renewal of the employment contract between what is announced to the agent on the day of the interview and what is written in the letter sent by registered mail,
– Omission of a certain number of months in the agent’s career, thus compromising your CDIsation,
– Misinterpretation of the administration of the conditions of CDIsation of agents,
– Failure to consult and inform the hierarchical superior about the non-renewal of the agent.

The Chair maintains that the e-mail responses were made on a case-by-case basis and that the details were communicated. The university section of CGTR Educ’Action is surprised by these observations because, to date, of the 3 alert letters that have been sent to the President in recent weeks, only the email of June 14 has been returned by him for exchange (or the of the president was sent shortly after the union information meeting organized on June 16 by CGTR Educ’Action).

Mr. President mentions in the press that his door is wide open. We hope that an answer will finally be given to the various emails transmitted and that social dialogue will finally be re-established.

The President specified that the staff concerned did not accumulate the necessary seniority to be renewed on open-ended contracts, in particular because of certain licences.

We remind you that vacations have no impact on contract renewals.

In each of his press responses, Mr. President refers to the 2020 ANT protocol for more than 400 agents. This protocol was approved in 2019 by the unions, who are fully aware of it. In view of the economic, social and health context, it is now essential to review and adapt it, as provided for in article 5 of the aforementioned protocol.

Our action and warnings, contrary to the President’s statements, have the sole purpose of asking him to respect the regulations and texts. These irregularities cause precariousness and suffering to University servers affected by non-compliance with official texts.

It is regrettable that Mr. President, equate our action against administrative and purely social irregularities with intervention for electoral purposes. The situation of the working conditions of University employees should not be minimized. On the contrary, it must be taken seriously, so that all employees can work calmly and reorient their activity and their public service mission.

The university section CGTR Educ’Action is at the disposal of the University Rector to provide all the elements and documents related to our statements in this right of reply.

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