A wave of area immersion college students in Aplahoué

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Madam the Dean of Fashs UAC, Dr (MC) Monique Ouassa Kouaro, and Dr (MC) Emila Azalou Tingbé, here among the students of the field in Aplahoué

On the initiative of Dr. Marius Vodounnon Totin, head of the sociology-anthropology department at the Adjarra university campus, a wave of students stayed from June 13 to 17, 2022 in the city of Aplahoué, as part of an educational tour. It was the Dean of Fashs at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Dr. Monique Ouassa-Kouara who officially launched the activities in the presence of the vice-chancellor of the university campus of Adjarra, Doctor (MC) Joseph Saghui.

What is the purpose of the release: The objective of this educational tour is to confront students with a scientific approach that is practical in the field. This, through the conceptualization of a research, the observation of the study problem, the elaboration of the terms of reference, the elaboration of the research protocol and the execution of a sociological research. It is, therefore, for sociology-anthropology students to be in contact with the facts of society in order to develop essential skills for the observation and analysis of social relations, social organizations and social institutions that this educational tour takes place.

What to keep in mind: Since the advent of the global covid-19 pandemic that prevented all meetings, educational outings have been suspended to protect students from this evil. But as the pandemic is behind us where cases are now very low, the department of sociology-anthropology of the university campus of Adjarra started the aforementioned educational tour and organized a workshop in which the promotions of semesters 4 and 6 are brought together in carrying out a collection of data in Aplahoué. This educational tour, which has as its theme: “The challenges of female cooperative entrepreneurship in Aplahoué” for second year students, and “Agrarian changes and rural family poverty in the municipality of Aplahoué”, for undergraduate students was an opportunity for them to experience a real immersion in the field to compare theoretical knowledge with realities on the ground.

What happened : Under the coordination of the head of the department of anthropology and sociology, the students were introduced by the supervisors to the preparation of the field, to the collection and then to the writing of the reports on return from the field. Formed in a group of 05 (five) researchers to collect data in the field, they were supervised by controllers (doctoral students in sociology-anthropology) and supervisors. This educational activity, which followed a well-defined schedule, underwent an operational fieldwork phase that took place from June 13 to 17, 2022. This was followed by an exploration of the field for the preparation of logistics. This phase consisted of carrying out the various administrative procedures with the municipal and school authorities of the municipality of Aplahoué.

Sociology-anthropology students in a learning situation.

What employees think: This educational tour, which is part of the academic activities of the academic year 2021-2022, is strongly supported by the Vice-Rector of the University of Adjarra, Doctor (MC) Joseph Saghui, who appreciated the initiative and gave wise advice not only to the students, but also to the teachers who are the supervisors. This follow-up, which was an opportunity for real practice, was very much appreciated by everyone, especially the students who testified that they learned a lot. Indeed, at the end of this educational tour, students are now able to design and experiment with data collection tools; the discovery of a field of sociological research; familiarization with the sociological field; the practice of writing a sociological field report and mastery of the sociological method.

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