A group from the College of Mascareignes wins the DigiCup

DigiCup, an inter-university challenge for digital solutions, is organized by FINAM (Federation of Innovative & Numeric Activities In Maurice), which brings together Mauritian ICT associations such as OTAM, MITIA and CCI France Maurice, with the support of companies in the industry digital. This second edition was won by the team from Area 22 of Universidade dos Mascarenos.

the 2º DigiCup edition: sustained enthusiasm from student teams!

this 2and The DigiCup edition, an inter-university challenge for digital solutions, was held weekly from Saturday 26 March to Saturday 23 April 2022 at the SD Worx facility in Ebène.

This challenge is for competing teams to come up with a solution that solves an association’s digital problem. This situation allows teams to experience the “customer-supplier” relationship.

The teams represent the following higher institutions: University of Mauritius, University of Technologies, Polytechnics of Mauritius, MCCI Business School and Middlesex University.

Companies in the sector adhere to this type of initiative, such as SD Worx, which hosted the event.

We are happy to support this unique competition that is organized by FINAM, where young people are obliged to understand the needs of an NGO, help them and therefore design a useful digital solution for society and its progress. This is one of the core values ​​of SD Worx.” says Didier Béphage, chief technology officer at SD Worx

Bringing students and professionals together during bootcamps

As a preparation, the teams benefited from 3 weeks of bootcamps in different areas such as pitching techniques, “design thinking”, project management methods such as Scrum and Agile, experience or customer interface. Familiarization with its methods and tools used by companies promotes creativity and the creation of solutions that meet stakeholder expectations as much as possible.

“Innovation is an integral part of Accenture’s DNA in Mauritius and Digicup is one of the vectors that shape the minds of our students towards creativity, collaboration and innovation. That’s why Accenture continues to support this initiative and encourages students to let their imaginations run wild through technology.” says Riyad Ameerudden, senior technology manager at Accenture.

These bootcamps make it easier for students to understand the expectations of the world of work in the digital sector and bring the academic world closer to the world of work.

The Université des Mascareignes and Université des Technologies teams winners of this 2nd edition of DigiCup

After these weeks of preparation, the 17 teams presented their projects in person or via video conference this Saturday, April 23, 2022.

The winning teams are:

  • 1er The award is won by the Mascarene University Area 22 team consisting of Diksha Raghoonundun, Zahrah Kaliapermal and Dwijesh Raghoonundun. This team collaborated with the Diabetes Safeguard – Diase association. She designed a mobile app to help people with diabetes take better care of their feet and get preventive advice.

We appreciate this first participation in a competition, despite our busy schedule with university courses. This is a good initiative to make us think about developing a digital solution to solve real problems. It’s a good experience and we like the bootcamps and the interaction between students from different universities and Digicup partners.” says Diksha Raghoonundun, captain of the Areea 22 team.

  • The 2nd prize is won by the UTM Prime team at the University of Technology, consisting of Aditya Kumar Chandoo, Gavish Juggernauth, John Emmanuel Beesoo and AnaïsWong Leung Yuen. She collaborated with the Blind and Visually Impaired Association (BAVIA). She has developed a web application that allows a person with a disability to send their shopping or service list to a supermarket. This request will then be transferred to volunteers who will take care of the purchases.

This is the first time we have participated in a competition. We didn’t expect second place. We are really happy!” tell us the members of the UTM Prime team.

  • The 3rd prize is won by the MindTech team at the University of Technologies, made up of Ajmal Taroo, Devesh Seegoolam, Manavshree Chutooree and Yayah Bankur. Collaborated with the association Zeness Express Toi (ZET). This team developed a web application that allows people in need to raise funds to finance their projects and publicize the events organized by the NGO ZET.
  • The jury’s favorite is awarded to the Triple’s A team from the University of Mascarenos, consisting of Uzmah Saadyah Goomany, Dooshina Mootoocurpen and Henna Mehtab Rahman. She collaborated with the Century Welfare Association. Her project consists of using the Nao robot to capture the attention of children with disabilities while teaching and motivating them to perform physical activities during therapy.

It is with great enthusiasm that the jury auditioned and questioned about the designs.

The projects were evaluated by a jury composed of high-level professionals who are:

  • Heerish Cheeneebash, CSM, MBA Project Management, Accenture
  • Preetam Bismohun, Associate Application Development Manager, Accenture
  • Olivier MEYER Director, Aerow ECM World
  • Krisna Rama, SAP Consultant, Clarity
  • Sinan Alshaib, Senior Business Developer, Cyberskills
  • Hasnah Adarsh, Senior Software Engineer, Elca
  • Ashvin RAMANJOOLOO, Technical Manager and Software Architect, iQera
  • Taariq Hussain Budullah, CEO and Founder of Itelligence Business Solutions
  • Basile Marquefave, Manager, Le Wagon Mauritius
  • Kushul Soomaree, Senior Front End Developer, Prodigious
  • Doomesh Bhaugeerutty, Team Leader Innovation Lab, Rogers Capital
  • Nitish Sujeebun, Bias Developer Engineer, Payroll and Rewards Germany, SD WORX

Winners were rewarded with high-tech giveaways, training and ‘cash prizes’. In total, gifts worth over two hundred thousand rupees were won by all the winning teams.

Most teams expressed the desire to continue their projects in order to make them a reality. This represents a positive evaluation for this event that includes a social action dimension.

“This type of activity is fully aligned with one of FINAM’s missions of being able to contribute to the training and supervision of people who will work in the digital sector..” supports Olivier Meyer, Administrator of FINAM and CCI France Maurice.

Debriefing session and certificate delivery ceremony

At the request of the participants, a debriefing session on the projects was organized online on Saturday, 28 May. Jury members advised the teams on their strengths and what they should work on to improve their solutions. This exercise was very beneficial for the teams, most of whom want to continue their projects.

Finally, given that the competition was a hybrid (in person and online), a certificate delivery ceremony was organized at Accenture Technology’s facilities on Saturday, June 11th. This function was punctuated by the testimonies of the academic and professional backgrounds of representatives of DigiCup’s partners, thus exposing the different possibilities of career guidance in the digital sector. It was an opportunity for participants to network with students from different universities, but also with jury members and IT professionals.

Such an activity could not be carried out without the support of partners. Also, the organizers thank all their partners and sponsors which are SD Worx, Rogers Capital, Accenture, Elca, Itelligence Business Solutions, Cyberskills, Le Wagon Maurice, Prodigious Mauritius, Clarity, Aerow ECM World, iQera, Focus, Brand Avenue .

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