Stephen Curry shirt shall be retired at Davidson College

Newly quadruple NBA champion and Finals MVP Stephen Curry will also be entitled to receive honors from his college. Davidson University – in North Carolina – announced yesterday that it would strip its former resident’s shirt on August 31. A logical reward that will allow the leader to find their math class friends.

One might greet the news with a bit of arrogance, thinking, “For a legend like Curry, a retired college jersey is not a huge achievement compared to his immense career in the NBA.” Yes, but no, having your university number withdrawn is absolutely not a low-level reward. In fact, at Davidson, Steph will only be the sixth robe to be hung from the gym’s ceiling. The symbol that sends a little heavy actually. Let’s also agree, this appointment is not just the result of his exploits among the greats… since Baby Face already had the habit of taking out the flamethrower between two sociology conferences, a subject for which he has many, in addition to being a recent graduate. the pyromania version Elementary School ? Three seasons to an average of 24.6 points, with a small peak of 28.6 units last year. Wow, that’s not really funny. Add to that two NCAA Final Tournament appearances for the point guard, with a campaign all the way to the Elite Eight… Not bad either.

In addition to celebrating the Chef’s glory, tonight will be the perfect opportunity for him to see his old friends again. With an NBA player’s schedule, let’s just say the windows of opportunity to catch up with former classmates are not legion, if not non-existent. No doubt some of them will be there to party with their friend-turned-basketball legend, and that’s a pleasure. It is recalled that Stephen Curry – like many NBA stars – has invested heavily in his former university, which is now sponsored by his equipment supplier and which benefits from the latter’s help for various events related to the section. the sideboard. It will even be the entire university that will be partying, as the last shirt retired dates from 1999 and Derek Rucker. In short, the moment will undoubtedly be beautiful and exciting, and that’s what makes the greatness of the experience brought by college basketball in the careers of the greatest NBA legends.

Stephen Curry will no doubt have his robe removed at the Chase Center, but it is for now Davidson University that does him the honor of placing a banner with his name on the ceiling. Forever in the firmament of his college, the boss may well be entitled to free rab at self-service on each of his visits to North Carolina.

Source: Twitter @DavidsonMBB

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