Nationwide Meeting passes invoice 32 to guard tutorial freedom

The eight Québec solidaire (QS) members present, however, expressed their discomfort at abstaining from voting.

This is because Law 32 gives the Minister of Higher Education the right to provide the necessary corrections in educational institutions considered non-compliant.

This article allows the minister to take a pencil and then go and write, instead of universities, the internal policies they must adoptregretted the deputy for QS Alexandre Leduc.

We wanted to make sure that it was not the unanimity of the National Assembly that gave the green light to this precedent that fundamentally comes into play in university autonomy.justified.

When they came to testify before the elected, the presidents also opposed the bill.

Disturbing Events

But recent years have shown us that freedom [de l’enseignement] is not as acquired as we would be tempted to believerecalled Minister Danielle McCann in her closing speech this week.

She said she knew of several disturbing events.

Last year, a professor at the University of Ottawa was suspended following a complaint for using the word that begins with the letter “N” in her classroom.

Law 32 responds to all the recommendations of the Cloutier commission, in addition to integrating some opinions formulated by it, argued the minister.

It defines the university academic freedom and ensures that institutions adopt a unique policy to recognize, promote and protect it.

Finally, the law makes these establishments responsible for implementing their policy.

Quebec positions itself as a forerunner in terms of university academic freedom and fights against self-censorshipwelcomed Mrs. McCann in a press release published on Friday.

Very concretely, thanks to this bill, all subjects can be addressed and all words can be said in an educational context.

I hope other jurisdictions will follow our model. […] the universities […] should provide an environment conducive to learning, discussion and debateshe concluded.


The National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN) believes that the amendments made by the minister make Bill 32 acceptable and relevant.

However, the law does not guarantee the protection of one of our members who would criticize their employer’s positions […] This is an omission that requires great vigilance. according to the vice president of FNEEQCSNChristine Gautier.

The law also does not impose an explicit obligation on the school’s management to take up the cause of employees sued by third parties for the exercise of their academic freedom, the union pointed out.

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