Larger training in Burkina: Cultural and sports activities actions for the 2021-2022 season launched in Bobo-Dioulasso

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Professor Frédéric Ouattara, presided, on Friday, June 17, 2022, in Bobo-Dioulasso, the ceremony for the cumulative launch of cultural and sports activities in universities (2021 season). 3rd edition of the Festival Atlético Universitário de Bobo-Dioulasso (FESRABO). These activities aim to promote students’ cultural, artistic and sporting know-how.

As part of the implementation of culture, sport and leisure missions in the university environment, the National Center for University Works (CENOU) organizes, every year, cultural and sporting activities for the benefit of students in Burkina Faso. Among these activities are the University Games of Burkina, the National Week of Arts and Culture of the Universities of Burkina and the Inter-University Football and Handball Championships.

All these activities aim to promote students’ cultural, artistic and sporting know-how, with a view to detecting and promoting talent. This year, again, the center decided to bring together students from public and private universities around these factors of social cohesion. Indeed, the launch of the 2021-2022 season of university cultural and sporting activities was associated with the University Athletics Festival of Bobo-Dioulasso, which is organized by the Student Association for the Promotion of Sport. Thus, through this festival, the association intends to arouse interest in sport in the university environment, putting students in competition in athletics and basketball competitions.

Actors from the academic world present at the launch ceremony.

The universities’ cultural and sports activities started from June 4, 2022 and will end in the last week of July, during the National Week of Arts and Culture of the Universities of Burkina Faso. As for FESTABO which started on June 16, 2022 under the theme “Student Youth and Sport: What Contribution to the Renewal of Burkina Faso? », ends on June 18th with the night of the winners, which will consecrate the solemn delivery of the prizes to the winners of the various competitions.

Sport, a factor of peace and social cohesion

This ceremony was punctuated by speeches, a parade of university regions and a football match that pitted the team from Banfora University against that of the Nazi-Boni University of Bobo-Dioulasso. The official opening speech was given by Professor Frédéric Ouattara. At the beginning of his speech, he greeted the personalities present before welcoming the organization of this ceremony, whose activities bring together students from all public institutions of higher education and the private sector. Thus, he remains convinced that the practice of physical activities is very effective for students’ concentration.

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Professor Frédéric Ouattara.

“CENOU gives us the opportunity to show that there must be a synergy of action not only between CENOU and the universities, but also between the universities themselves. Sport is a lever for promotion and federation among students in Burkina Faso. Students must understand that sport allows for a mix between the different universities in Burkina, between the different ethnicities and peoples,” she said.

He also said that sport and culture are very important in the life of man and, therefore, of a nation. According to him, in addition to being a friendly and cohesive activity, sport balances the human mind and body. As for culture, it is the identity document of every man, the soul of society. This ceremony began with a parade of all Burkina’s public universities and private universities in the region.

The parade of universities from Burkina’s regions.

After the parade, venue for the football game that pitted the Nazi-Boni university team against the University of Banfora team, which ended with the Banfora team winning 1-0. [ Cliquez ici pour lire l’intégralité ]

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