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Daniel Sioui
stoic indian

Raymond Beaudoin
Once upon a time the log drivers

Simon Pierre Beaudet
They eat in their tanks. Third Link Chronicles and the End of the World

Pierre Duchesne
Guy Rocher, volume II (1963-2021). Quebec sociologist

Charles Castonguay et al.
What unites us. A Quebec Solidarity Book Review

Etienne-Alexandre Beauregard
identity schism. Culture War and Quebec’s Imagination

Virginie Herbert
English under debate in Quebec. Myths and frames

Riel Michaud-Beaudry
joint retirement

Gabrielle Duchaine, Katia Gagnon and Ariane Lacoursière
5060: The Carnage in Our CHSLDs

Alexandre Sirois and Judith Lachapelle
80, 90, 100 per hour!

Helene de Billy
The Berlin Kid: The Reckless Quebecer Who Bombed Germany During the War

Nicolas Sallee and Alexandra Dion-Fortin
Fight the walls. A sociologist at the youth center

Claude La Charite
The invention of Quebec literature in the 19th century

Jean Desy
we are poetry

Steve Chapados
World. An odyssey in the heart of the great philosophical and scientific conceptions

Philippe Lapointe
Adventures in TV News Land

Serge Larivee
Welcome to the world of stupidity

Yves Vaillancourt
Bet your life playing chess. Essay on the symbolism of the game of chess in literature, art, poetry and cinema

Nathalie Le Coz and Martin Perreault
Wild Canteen. Get supplies in the middle of nature and in complete freedom

Stephanie Beaupied
Professor of History at the Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Steve Bissonnette
Professor at the education department at TELUQ

Jean Carette
Ph.D., active retiree

Celeste Carpentier
pedagogy student

Veronique Chadillon-Farinacci
Université de Moncton, Department of Sociology and Criminology

Bernard Dagenais
Professor, Department of Information and Communication, Université Laval

Martin David Blais
Acting Director, School of Social Communication, Saint Paul University

Julien-Pierre Dufour
Professor of Literature, Montmorency College

Virginie Herbert
Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Diversity and Democracy (CRIDAQ) and author of English in Debate in Quebec: Myths and Frameworks

Yvan Lamonde

Samuel Lamoureux
PhD student in Communication, UQAM

Martin Lemay

Philip Mongrain
Graduate Student in History, UQTR

The Lecture Cahiers team is made up of Robert Laplante (director), Pascal Chevrette (literature), Lucia Ferretti (history and culture), Daniel Gomez (politics), Frédéric Morneau-Guérin (science), Gabriel Arseneault (social sciences and economics) ) and Sylvain Deschênes (production coordination).

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