The Worldwide College Hospital Mohammed VI takes inventory of its first 12 months of exercise

The Mohammed VI International University Hospital (HUIM6) located in Bouskoura exceeded its goals, both in terms of offering quality care and in terms of its contribution to the fight against Covid-19 and the implementation of a health ecosystem where training is one of the backbones, we can read in a press release that draws up the establishment’s activity report.

The hospital offers a range of medical care and services. It comprises 325 beds, 15 exploration and treatment rooms, 28 consultation rooms, 10 operating rooms, 500 employees and more than 5,000 pieces of equipment.

According to the same source, the HUIM6 team performed very delicate surgical interventions, which were successful thanks to the experienced and highly qualified teams and the state-of-the-art equipment available to the health establishment.

The HUIM6 neurosurgical team thus successfully performed an operation on a patient suffering from a brain tumor, using Airo intraoperative scanner. This is the first intraoperative stereotaxic imaging system installed in Africa, allowing operations to be performed with 3D reconstruction in real time and with a very short exposure time to X-rays. In the same vein, the hospital successfully carried out a aortic stent followed by osteopathic stabilization, two high-risk operations performed on a 43-year-old polytraumatized patient.

The year 2021 in numbers

The International University Hospital Mohammed VI celebrated its first candle in December 2021. It recorded 18,589 admissions, an average of fifty per day.

Overall, 9,784 unique patients were admitted in 2021, with a return rate of 38%. Among these patients, 694 hospitalized with confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19mainly in intensive care units and intensive care units.

In addition, ER admissions reached 5,114 cases, with activity increasing during the months of July and August 2021 during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The same goes for the number of consultations, which increased by 125% in the second half of 2021 compared to the end of June of the same year. Medical consultations thus reached 3,370, while those related to surgical specialties registered 2,465 cases.

In detail, the specialties that registered the highest number of consultations were pediatrics (1,403), gynecology-obstetrics (1,109) and ophthalmology with 538 consultations. It should be noted that obstetric activity recorded 208 deliveries in the last year.

Regarding hospitalizations, they reached 2,894 in 2021, with a peak recorded during the month of August due to the second wave of Covid-19 and transfers from several hospitals in the Kingdom.

Regarding the activity of the operating room, 767 surgeries were performed in 2021, including 222 for gynecology-obstetrics, followed by neurosurgery (133), visceral surgery (88) and traumatology (74).

A complete ecosystem

As an integral part of the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences ecosystem, the Mohammed VI International University Hospital offers clinical undergraduate and postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education. Participates in practical training of the nursing team.

In addition to the medical and university hub, HUIM6 works in research and innovation, through the National Reference Laboratory (LNR) and the Innovation Center of the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences (UM6SS). ).

In addition, during 2021, it multiplied awareness and information actions for the benefit of scientists, the medical profession, its students and citizens. Meetings, round tables, meetings and scientific days were organised, as well as awareness-raising actions, namely on breast and prostate cancer, as well as a blood donation campaign.

Mohammed VI University Hospital entered service in Bouskoura

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