Quebec will decrease tuition charges for sure international college students

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister of Immigration, Francisisation and Integration, Jean Boulet, made the announcement Thursday at the University of Quebec in Rimouski (UQAR), accompanied by the dean of the institution, François Deschênes.

Quebec therefore wants to meet its labor needs by drawing on foreign students, but also to attract immigrants to the regions – not Montreal. To benefit from the new programme, the students concerned will have to enroll in a French-speaking higher education institution.

About 2,850 foreign students participate in Operation Main-d’oeuvre and are targeted by the measure presented by Quebec. However, in order to benefit, they will have to study full-time outside the metropolitan area.

Starting in Fall 2023, these students will pay the same fees as Quebec students. At the university level, they will be exempt from the $17,000 per year fee, and at the university they will pay about $3,000 instead of the $24,000 normally charged. The bill paid by Quebec under this program will be $80 million over four years.

this measure will not be retroactivewarned Minister Boulet, but it will be applied [aux étudiants] that are already there. If, at the moment, 2850 students are targeted, the minister predicts that there will be 1200 more in the next three or four years.

Mr. Boulet indicated that it is necessary publicize the program before putting it in place and what is necessary meet deadlineswhich explains why the program in question will not start until September 2023.

Meeting needs in French

Quebec’s goal is to fill part of the labor shortage. We are interested in attracting and retaining students [étrangers], added Mr. Boulet. They are a living force for Quebec, further emphasized. Emphasis will be placed on helping them find accommodation and employment.

The government wants foreign students studying in the Quebec regions to be able to stay and settle there. You discover a community. you become a boyfriendyou make yourself blondeillustrated the minister, stating that retention rate [des étudiants étrangers] is 75% in Rimouski and that they are the future of Quebec.

Students from France, Belgium and other Canadian provinces already enjoy special status during their studies in Quebec. If they agree to go to the regions, the new program announced by Minister Boulet will also apply to them.

Mr. Boulet believes that with this announcement, it will be winner to promote the learning of French and, consequently, ensure a lasting integration into society’s values.

The specially targeted healthcare and technology sectors

While the programs for which foreign students will be partially exempt from tuition fees will be the same as those for Operation Workforce, health, education, information technology and engineering will be particularly targeted, Minister Boulet noted.

Universities and colleges are vehicles for successful immigrationreminded the dean ofUQARFrançois Deschênes, who admitted that the challenge is great for attract and retain students in the region.

He mentioned that the program announced Thursday by Quebec is an additional argument to keep them. Training must be accessible in the regions, he begged. According to him, this new incentive can help to attract more foreign students to theUQAR.

These are [nouveaux] means that will help ushe said.

The new tuition fee waiver program for foreign students is in line with measures taken by the Quebec government to address the labor shortage.

In April, Quebec notably launched 17 overseas missions to recruit 3,000 workers. And the Workforce Operation strategy aims to fill 170,000 vacant positions with investments of nearly $3.9 billion over five years.

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