York College worldwide pupil graduates at 19

But this week, at age 19, Rizvi became one of the youngest international students to graduate from York University.

She was also the youngest of more than 9,000 graduates this spring – taking into account the 2020, 2021 and 2022 cohorts.

I am really happysaid Mrs. Rizvi, who now holds a bachelor’s degree in international politics.

Next year, she will begin work on a Masters in Globalization at McMaster University. Mrs. Rizvi hopes to use what she learned in Pakistan to improve people’s lives.

she has big dreamsconfirms his father, Abbas Raza.

It’s a little difficult for girls

Raza says he’s proud of his daughter’s early graduation, but knows that’s not the case for everyone. Indeed, Rizvi said her parents – who split their time between Pakistan and Dubai, United Arab Emirates – are often asked about their choice to send their daughter abroad for higher education.

It’s a little difficult for girlswitness Mr. Raza, who wanted her three children, not just her two children, to aim high in terms of education.

The student knew that she had to go abroad because politics is a very delicate matter In her place.

You can’t criticize many things, so studying politics, especially abroad, has always been very important to me. »

a quote from Graduated from York University Syeda Fatima Abbas Rizvi

York University seemed like the right choice, she said, because it liked its diverse and social campus, as well as the more left-wing nature of its political curriculum.

His brother Ali Raza Rizvi Syed also graduated from York University a few days before him.

Photo: York University

It hasn’t been easy, admits Rizvi. Instead of isolating herself in Toronto during the pandemic, she flew back to Dubai. But that meant living at the opposite of her family’s schedule, she says. Some classes ended around 3 am local time, which left her half asleep during these classes.


Your secret to perseverance? Don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish.

On Thursday, in the presence of her parents and two siblings, the student will attend the graduation ceremony with the school’s highest honor – a year ahead of schedule.

She is an inspiration, York University President Rhonda Lenton said in a statement.

She represents York’s values ​​and applies her unique skills and experiences, overcoming unprecedented challenges and addressing issues in her community.said Mrs. slow. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Now that she has her first degree, Syeda Fatima Abbas Rizvi says her mother’s main concern is finding her a partner. But the student, who intends to pursue a doctorate, hopes that marriage and academia can coexist.

Based on information from Vanessa Balintec, CBC

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