Feminine college students expel their white classmates from the college library

In the United States, two white students were forced to leave the university’s library by young people calling for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The video went viral on social media. as seen Point , two students at an American university, Arizona State University, asked two white boys to leave the university’s library on campus. One of them filmed the scene.

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It all obviously started with a “Police Lives Matter” sticker pasted on one of the boys’ computer. “You are offensive”launches the young woman, supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement during the filming. “This is our space here.” Your neighbor protests: “We’re just trying to study. Because we have a ”Police Lives Matter” sticker, we’re getting fired. We can’t study.” To which the other student responds: “No one fires you.” The young man responds: “But you just said we had to leave.”

A multicultural space

tone up The young woman filming the scene complains about the two boys who “make this space ”uncomfortable””. One of them replies that they are the ones who bother him. “But you are white! Don’t you understand that this library is a multicultural space? It means you are not at the center of the world!” Surprised, the young man responds: “So white is not a culture?” The furious student approaches, laptop in hand: “White is not a culture! Tell the camera: do you think whiteness is a culture?” She continues: “This is the violence that the University of Arizona puts on us, these are the people the university protects. This white man thinks he can occupy our space and that’s why we need a multicultural space. Because they think they can do anything!”

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“But if you are racist!”

One of the youths, motionless, indicates that he would not get out of his chair. “We’re not firing you, we’re asking you to leave if you have any regard for people of color”explains one of the students. “I’m not racist… I’m studying”the young man tries to defend himself. “Yes, you are racist! Your sticker is racist! “Police” is a job. You can choose to exercise it. I didn’t choose to be black. You can choose to be a cop, kill people with your badge and you’ll be protecting them! Which means you’re racist.”

The young man apologizes: “I wasn’t trying to offend you…”. “I say”, admit the student, “but it automatically offends us because these people are killing people like me. You support our killers.” The student ends up losing patience: “I pay the same tuition as you! I work 60 hours a week and study at the same time because my parents don’t give me money!” According to Pointthe boys had to leave the place and the university did not comment.

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