Commencement Day: A Properly-Deserved Diploma!

Today, June 17th, thousands of students across the province will complete one of the great milestones of their lives and will be able to celebrate Graduation Day together: the completion of high school, allowing most of them to complete this important stage with a high school diploma. medium by hand.

Some will go on to higher education, others will “decide” to turn to the job market. In a context of labor shortages, this second option may seem very attractive to some young people.

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Many young people, especially those living in low-income housing, combined school and work during the school year, in the context of a pandemic. Added to this are challenges related to the socioeconomic situation of their families, exacerbated by current inflation.

This diploma therefore has a particular flavor, a contempt for adversity. It’s time to celebrate this big win, what could be better than the fast approaching proms!

This rite of passage, which has not been celebrated for two years, therefore comes at the right time to highlight the efforts of our persevering youth, twice instead of once.

When we know that a large proportion of HLM residents do not have a high school diploma, each of these successes is a step forward in breaking the cycle of poverty for these young people.

The school dropout rate in Montreal is the highest in the entire province and is 2.5 times higher among young people from poor families. Every year, around 2,000 young people leave high school without a degree.

The La Clé Foundation will soon create a post-secondary scholarship program to support those who wish to continue their studies at CEGEP or university. Several initiatives will be launched to allow these young people to discover their passions and develop their full potential, to start the next phase of their lives with better tools.

Since 2011, the La Clé Foundation has encouraged school perseverance among the 10,000 young people living in low-income housing in Montreal. We’ve already invested more than a million dollars in promising projects designed to support neighborhood community organizations, encourage young people’s academic success through perseverance grants, and support initiatives that enable these young people to develop to their full potential.

We take this Graduation Day opportunity to highlight the resilience, strength and courage of each of these young people and, above all, their perseverance under extraordinary conditions.

A major campaign is underway to increase the impact of our action. Your help, like that of our valued partners, is essential to continue our mission with these students and those who will succeed them in the years to come. These young people are and fully deserve your success!

The La Clé Foundation raises its hat to all the graduates and congratulates each of the young people at HLM who have obtained their degree.

Raissa Epale, General Manager of La Clé Foundation

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