Accused of rape, the professor was once more allowed to show on the College of Rennes 2 – Rennes

It is a very delicate dossier placed in the office of the president of Rennes 2. Accused of rape in 2017, the former director of the Staps department was authorized by the court to return to teaching at the university. And that’s since June 1st. The decision was taken a month ago by the investigation chamber at the Rennes Court of Appeal. A new judicial episode that infuriates the alleged victims. “It’s a shame, an abomination”, explains one of them to Telegram. “I work as a professor at this university. Another is a teacher-researcher. Can you imagine if we meet him every day? And that means that this gentleman will be able to have contact with young women again… But how is that possible? »

In this case, the University of Rennes is caught between two fires. On the one hand, the defendant – who at this stage remains presumably innocent – made the courts recognize his fundamental right to work. On the other hand, the administration must protect the civil parties. All this while the investigation is not yet over. There is currently no date for an appeal to the Court of Assize or the Court of Justice.

Restricted access to facilities

At Rennes 2, the health, safety and working conditions committee (CHSCT), an organization that represents the staff, was caught up in the problem on Friday, June 10th. Its members recalled the operational difficulties caused by this situation, of which the administration is fully aware.

Contacted by Le Télégramme, the University explains that, given the decision of the instructional chamber to reinstate the professor, it has taken “a provisional measure to limit the agent’s access to the university’s premises, in order to guarantee, as far as possible, a peaceful working environment, respecting the presumption of innocence A complicated explanation – the university does not specify under what conditions the professor has access to its buildings – which shows the embarrassment in which it is immersed with this dossier.

disciplinary committee

The former director of Staps has been fighting for several years to be able to return to work at the university. At first, the instructional chamber had authorized him to teach, but outside the university system. Which he did intermittently. But the investigation persisting, he was allowed to return to teaching in a university setting on the condition that he was no longer responsible for following up on the thesis. “It was then requested to be seconded to another university,” recalls William Pineau, the defendant’s lawyer. “But the University of Rennes 2 refused on the grounds that he was placed under judicial supervision. »

Recently, given the duration of instruction, the Council of State abolished the dismissal of the teacher and, therefore, up to half of the salary from which he benefited. The teacher, therefore, found himself without resources. Claiming his fundamental right to work, the teacher was allowed to return to work in Rennes 2.

In addition, still in its reply to Telegram, the direction of the university indicates that it seized the disciplinary section, disoriented in another establishment. Wait for the outcome of the criminal investigation before deciding.

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