why research within the US?

Today, more and more students are drawn to study in the United States, this vast multicultural country with prestigious schools. Every year, thousands of students leave to study in the United States as part of a bac+2 or master’s degree. To properly prepare for this stay, an organization is needed that includes several steps a year before.

Studying in the United States: Everything you need to know

The benefits of studying in the United States

In addition to gaining a change of scenery, the student will be able to strengthen their skills in the English language, as they will take courses in various subjects in English.

In addition to their university or high school courses, the student will have to deal with everyday situations like shopping, hailing a taxi, having a conversation or even asking for directions.

Also, with the country being so vast, many internships are possible in different disciplines and states. When it comes to an exchange program for study in usa, many universities offer mobility grants to the best international students every year. In addition, French and American universities can award these scholarships.

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After going through an interview, preparing a cover letter and possible tests, the student’s file will go to the committee for a possible scholarship award to be able to study in usa.

In fact, a college year is relatively expensive in the US, running at $20,000. In addition, the student must pay only tuition fees and not tuition fees (varying from one university to another) as part of an exchange program between French and American establishments.

the interest ofstudy in the United States, is being able to follow a university year to strengthen your English, learn American culture, take a double course or graduate from a major American university. Per study in usaa student must develop his knowledge in many subjects, find his specialization, master the English language correctly.

Requirements to study in the USA

After passing the admissions tests in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami or New York, the student can enroll in the university course of their choice. Then, once registered, it will be necessary to start the process to obtain your visa, which is mandatory for study in usa and for stays longer than 3 months.

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Many documents are required for the development of this visa to be sent to the consulate or embassy. Thus, the student will have to prove their financial capacity to manage an entire academic year, from September to May.

To obtain this precious visa, one hundred euros will have to be paid. In addition, to be able to live in the USA, it is essential to find a student job and/or a university scholarship, which will allow you to find accommodation, food and travel.

Also provide health insurance with maximum coverage, including repatriation assistance, liability insurance. In terms of accommodation, rooms on university campuses can accommodate students from all over the world who come to study in usa which you will find several in a room.

Of course, shared accommodation and renting an apartment are possible solutions for those who don’t want to spend time on campus. With a visa, a student will be able to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week.

This job will allow you to save money, but it will not be used to finance your studies, but to offer you tours and activities. In addition, the minimum wage in the US is reserved for students, knowing that it is much lower than in France. Classified ads in the local press will help the student sign a contract of employment for a few months.

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Some American quirks

In the United States, there are many particularities, such as the long opening hours of shopping malls. Campuses are real living places, strong communities, where life revolves around student rooms, student parties, cafeterias, libraries.

In addition, courses are prepared in advance by students before they arrive for classes. Thus, once there, a synthesis is carried out followed by an exchange between teachers and students. As a result, working independently is essential when you go study in usa.

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