Why go to the Studyrama Digital Well being Research Truthful?

Whether you are a student, high school student, retraining or a concerned parent, health studies may interest you or your child; don’t hesitate any longer and come watch the virtual exhibition of health studies in Europe. All comfortably installed in your living room.

How to participate in the virtual fair?

The first step to access this virtual fair is to go the dedicated show page. you can like this interact with exhibitors live directly by chat, video, but also by call. The e-conferences will take place on Youtube, live.

For additional information outside the lives, schools will make available to visitors informational documents (brochures and videos) that you can download.

As with the physical shows, the program is organized by defined times and themes. The conferences will be led by journalists from the newsroom or by schools that have chosen to present a specific topic.

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We give you a date at Studyrama virtual fair for health studies in Europe. A unique opportunity to get to know the establishments and discuss with the educational managers to clear all your doubts!

The healthcare sector, more important than ever

The current health emergency shows us the importance of health. A domain more than requested 2 years ago, you guessed it. However, the history of health begins three centuries ago. Since, human life expectancy has greatly improved.

Of course, to be attracted to professions that revolve around health, you have to be ready to give a lot of yourself. Altruism, rigor, patience, listening and benevolence will be your greatest assets to thrive in health studies.

“Health study” does not necessarily mean “medicine”. There are many professions besides the traditional doctor: pharmacist, osteopath, psychologist, nurse, physiotherapist… The duration of studies varies greatly. It goes from CAP, through a GOAL, to bac+10! Take the opportunity to listen carefully to the speakers during the virtual fair. Take notes, project yourself, let yourself be guided by what interests you most.

study in europe

Training varies from one European country to another. pay attention to know your rights if you are studying in a country other than the one you wish to practice in. Some countries offer easier access contests, others only accept on file. You can ask all your questions on Tuesday, January 25, from 4pm to 8pm. Save the date !

Are you made for the paramedic professions? Take the test to find out!

The electronic conferencing program

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Curriculum and work: what opportunities in Europe for pharmacy?
Hosted by ANEPF (National Association of Pharmacy Students of France)

17:30-18:00 – Health Studies in Europe
Hosted by ANEMF

6:00 pm to 6:30 pm – Study biology and medicine at the University of Luxembourg
Hosted by University of Luxembourg

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