What professions will recruit in 2030?

This 4th national prospective exercise on professions and qualifications, Les Métiers en 2030, reported by Dares and France Stratégie, puts into perspective the major changes expected at the demographic, economic, technological and environmental levels that will shape employment and the market. next years. In total, 37 sectors and 83 businesses were studied. First notable observation: 800,000 vacancies would need to be filled per yearby 2030. “These net job creations would be largely fueled by end of career departures (approximately 90% of the 800,000 vacancies) and the job dynamism “, explains Cédric Audenis, Deputy Commissioner General for Strategy in France.

15 professions that will recruit by 2030

In this reference scenario between 2019 and 2030, 15 professions that should recruit in droves by 2030. “5 of the 15 identified professions are in the health and care sector, sectors that have stood out since the health crisis, observes Cédric Audenis, Deputy Commissioner General of the Strategy for France. Engineers and executives are also highly represented profiles. »

With 115,000 jobs created, computer engineering would be the profession that would create jobs in the next 10 years. Then come nurses, midwives (113,000), care assistants (110,000), sales and technical sales managers (109,000), house helpers (98,000) and skilled handling workers (79,000), who would be ahead of business executives. administrative and financial services and industry engineers and technical executives (76,000 and 75,000 respectively).

Professions in 2030, Dares – France Strategy

The rest of the Top 15 include construction and public works executives (58,000), low-skilled handling workers (57,000), study and research personnel (52,000), doctors and the like (49,000). Finally, administrative and accounting service technicians (49,000), maintenance technicians/supervisors (48,000) and paramedical professions complete this classification of jobs that generate the most jobs.

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The professions that will recruit the most young people by 2030

Among the needs identified, some professions should particularly welcome beginners’ profiles. This is particularly the case for salespeople (347,000), teachers (261,000), nurses, midwives (261,000), cultural and sports professionals and supervisors (213,000) and paramedical professionals (191,000). Young entrants would also be sought after in assisting professions (nurses with 186,000 jobs), hotels and restaurants (182,000 employees and supervisors in the hotel and restaurant industry).

In addition, entry-level profiles are expected in various management and technical positions: administrative, accounting and financial services managers (175,000), maintenance technicians and supervisors (162,000), technicians in administrative, accounting and financial services (161,000).

Other professions that will recruit but will have a hard time attracting them. This is the case for maintenance worker, computer engineer, or low-skilled handling worker occupations.

Young doctors and commercial attachés would also be highly expected by 2030.

Professions in 2030, Dares Strategy – France (in thousands, accumulated 2019-2030)

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