United States authorities launches USAID partnership for the event of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Goma, DRC – Today, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Paul Sabatine, launched USAID for development east of the DRC, “Tujenge”. This programme, which will be implemented in Beni (North Kivu) and Mambasa (Ituri), will collaborate with various stakeholders, including authorities, communities, civil society organizations, community organizations, government actors, citizens and the private sector – all at the local level. . level – to achieve common goals for sustainable development and peace.

Funded by the US government through USAID, this five-year program will be implemented by Body of Mercy in consortium with meinternational alert, Wildlife Conservation Society, Alliance for Responsible Mining, International Peace Information Service, HIVE, Chambers’ Federation, APROHDIV, Justice Plus, SOFEPADI, CORACON and Pole Instituteas well as the local partners called upon to join this consortium.

USAID’s Eastern DRC Development Partnership, “Tujenge”, is part of the Privileged Partnership for Peace, Prosperity and Environmental Preservation between the United States and the ground floor. It will work with communities to address the root causes of conflict, the recruitment of youth into armed groups, the destruction and looting of natural resources, in order to promote peace, social harmony, good local governance and economic growth that benefits the all.

The program will promote the strengthening of social responsibility mechanisms and inclusive community mobilization and dialogue processes. It will strengthen the capacity of public institutions to improve the quality of basic services, making them reliable and adapted to the needs of citizens. It will also help create opportunities for inclusive, sustainable, diversified and environmentally friendly economic growth.

USAID is the United States government agency for international development. USAID is laying the groundwork for lasting peace in eastern DRC by supporting community-based conflict management, mitigation and prevention efforts, combating armed groups that target civilians, and providing holistic services to survivors of gender-based violence. USAID’s peace and security team also works on a variety of programs to ensure that investments in other development sectors take into account the complex dynamics of conflict, advance peace processes, and do no harm.

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