Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Results on Oil, College students and Bread

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa attend the first plenary meeting of the Russia-Africa Summit at Sirius Park of Science and Art.

The war in Ukraine could have a devastating effect on some African states, threatening their economies and putting governments under diplomatic pressure to take sides in the growing dispute between Russia and Western powers.

As an article by the South African news website Daily Maverick notes, the war in distant Europe will be “felt in every village and city in South Africa and the world”.

“Even before the first missiles were fired, this war had already taken its toll: it diverted billions of dollars to rearmament and prevented them from fighting poverty, pandemics, education, inequality and the emerging climate crisis in this critical year,” writes Mark Heywood. .

What was Africa’s reaction to the war?

South Africa, whose economy is the most industrialized on the continent, has called for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, saying the conflict must be resolved peacefully.

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