Srikanth Bolla: His $60M+ Enterprise Nearly Crashed As a result of He is Blind

photo credit, Srikanth Bolla

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Srikanth Bolla in front of a microphone

Srikanth Bolla is set to be the subject of a Bollywood movie about his life. This young CEO built a company worth over $60 million, but that almost didn’t happen. As a teenager, Srikanth was told that it was illegal for him to study math and science at a graduate school because he is blind. So he sued an Indian state to make that possible, as Arundhati Nath explains.

Every day for two years, six-year-old Srikanth Bolla walked several kilometers to school in rural India, guided by his brother and following his classmates.

The promenade was a muddy, wooded path that flooded during the monsoon. It was not a happy moment.

“No one spoke to me because I was a blind child,” he says.

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