Russia-Ukraine battle: Black and Indian college students display in opposition to prejudice on the border

  • By Stephanie Hegarty and Poonam Taneja
  • BBC World Service

photo credit, AFP

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Refugees board bus at Polish border

African and Indian students reported discrimination and other difficulties as they tried to flee Ukraine. The BBC has collected statements from colored foreigners who say they are refused entry to trains and held up at the borders, while Ukrainians are allowed to pass first.

Tens of thousands of foreign students travel to Ukraine every year, often to study medicine and engineering. Some struggle to cross the border as they try to return home, while others are trapped in cities as Russian forces attack.

Asya is a Somali medical student studying in Kyiv. Two days ago, she posted a video on Twitter as airstrikes hit the city. She fled with friends soon after, but was unprepared for the long trip to Poland and went three days without food or sleep before arriving at the Medyka border post on Sunday.

For six hours, she said, no Africans were allowed to pass, but she watched buses of Ukrainian women and children pass. “We finally managed to cross and were told that the hotel was reserved for Ukrainians,” she says. She traveled to Warsaw to find her own accommodation.

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