Research in England: Scholarships, assist and coaching

To learn English quickly, nothing better than an immersion in an English-speaking country! Many students decide to study in England. digiSchool gives you all the information to make your stay a success.

Welcome to this comprehensive dossier for students who wish to study in England. You will find information about the formalities of your project, but also about practical issues related to scholarships in England, housing, the English healthcare system for students, etc.

Our guide to studying in England:

Speaking English is now an essential skill to enter the job market. To quickly learn this language, many students will study in the largest English-speaking European country… England, it is clear!

The formalities for studying in England

Going to study through the Channel is quite simple:

  • you do not have no visa requiredbut your identity card must be up to date
  • you have to fill a formUCAS if you apply for the level University student (which is equivalent to the licence), which will be accompanied by all the required documents, and sent to the universities that interest you.
  • if you wish to study at the master’s level, which corresponds to further studies postgraduate studies, please be aware that many English universities have a registration system on their websites. I’UKPass applicationone of the services of UCAS, remains a solution (it is this organization that sends your file to universities), but it is used less and less.

Finally, we advise you to provide recommendation letters from your teachers to have the best file possible.

Before leaving to study in England, make sure you have theequivalence of your diplomas acquired (ECTS points system).

Diploma equivalences

To go abroad, you must apply for the equivalence of your diplomas. In Europe, equivalence is facilitated with the ECTS credit system : the unit of account for credits is common to universities and grande écoles in across the European Union.

Scholarships to go to England

Studying on the other side of the Channel is tempting, but are you held back by the cost of studying? In fact, university fees are not affordable for everyone and are much higher than those in France. Above all, know that most schools and universities in England offer scholarships to thousands of students every year, which will cover a good part of their tuition fees.

For students, the British Council created several scholarships corresponding to various student profiles.

Study in England thanks to Erasmus+ : Brexit still hasn’t changed anything compared to Erasmus in England. By January 2021, no noticeable changes should appear. Scholarships or grants offered by Erasmus+ generally concern a period of mobility abroad of between three and twelve months. Depending on your course, you have the option of leaving for a semester of studies or an end-of-study internship. Erasmus separates its offer of help according to your needs.

  • Study abroad: between 200 and 300 euros per month.

  • Internship abroad: between 350 and 450 euros a month.

Despite the limited number of places, England attracts more and more European students: each year, more than 25,000 of them try the adventure. This program offers a mobility bag during your stay in England. It also allows not pay the registration fee of the host university.

➜ See: The Erasmus+ program in detail (grants, exchanges, etc.)

accommodation in england

After all the steps to go to study in England, the search for accommodation Waiting for you. A period often stressful, but necessary so that you can make your year of studies in the best conditions. Here it is different types of accommodation in england when you are a student:

1. University rooms

  • residence halls : accommodation and meals in restaurants U.
  • Self service : equipped with common kitchens.
  • 2. Student Hostels

    It’s the best solution to find out new students. recommends the International Students House in London if you are studying in the English capital.

    3. Youth Hostels

    Youth hostels are the right solution to make met. However, the rooms are quite expensive (especially in central London). This will end up being a solution for the first few weeks before finding more stable accommodation.

    4. Shared accommodation

    Same advantage, same disadvantage. Flatsharing in England is still very good means of integration and will allow you to practice the language as much as possible. However, this may not be the most cost-effective solution. Organizations like Uniplaces or Easyroommate can help you find a roommate in England.

    What are the tests to pass before my departure?

    To study in England it is important accelerate in english Before you leave. To find out if you have the level minimum requiredpass one european language test recognized by the host university you wish to join. Know that to enter a British university, you must have a good level of english.

    For that you have to pass a european language test, each university having its own preferences. Some tests are particularly widespread and sought after by establishments, such as:

    • IELTS: the most popular test in the world.

    • TOEFL: the most used English test in the world.

    • TOEIC: test that assesses written and oral comprehension skills in English.

    • The FCE: Intermediate level test corresponding to the B2 level.
    • The GMAT: validates success in graduate management programs around the world.

    ➜ See also: TOEIC® Test: the digiSchool app to prepare you well

    Your health in England

    In order to benefit from the free care course NHS (National Health Service), you must have a European Health Insurance Card (EHI). This card is free and you can get it in less than a month. You will save a lot of money if you are sick in England and need to buy medicine or if you need to go to the hospital (we don’t wish you that!).

    To apply for the EHI:

    • go to your Student Social Security Center
    • at least fifteen days before your departure
    • you can also order it on your social security website or on

    You will be much more relaxed during your studies in England if you do not incur healthcare costs.

    ➜ To go further: Study abroad: the guide to success

    Working in England: Jobs and Student Jobs

    Going to study in England is expensive, even if you are lucky enough to have a scholarship. Many students choose to work together with your studies to finish the end of the month more easily and enjoy English life. Also during the holidays, theEngland attracts many French students, who work mainly in services and food. We advise you to read our dedicated article on how to find a job in England, with our tips and advice.

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