Rating of the very best performing excessive faculties in 2021

The Ministry of National Education has published “added value indicators for secondary education” (IVAL). These indicators are intended assess the ability of schools to support students of the Second until obtaining the Bac.

O DEPP (Department of Assessment, Prospective and Performance) reminds us of this every year: it is not about ranking the best high schools, but about “offer a complete and objective view of public and private contract establishments listed in France”. The interest of combining these indicators lies in a better understanding and evaluation of the capacity of support establishments for students from 10th to 12th grade. It is also information for families when choosing a high school to enter Second. Furthermore, this “diagnosis”, as highlighted by Fabienne Rosenwald at the head of DEPP, notably allows principals and teachers to adjust their establishment strategy.

to discover the high school resultsvisit the ministry’s website.

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An estimate based on several factors

In order to carry out the evaluation of high school performance, the DEPP responsible for the IVALs is not satisfied only with baccalaureate pass rate. It considers several complementary indices:

The access fee Second, First and Terminale in Bac

- The mention fee in bachelor’s

Estimating the performance of a school is still a reality difficult to appreciate. Performance can be influenced by several factors, such as profile of enrolled students from one year to the next. A secondary school can register high values for an indicator if it receives good students who have already acquired a good working method and who managed to obtain the Bac without much difficulty, or if this same secondary school was able to support students with difficulties allowing them to acquire and develop knowledge that allows them to pass the exam. When calculating IVALs, DEPP also takes into account individual student factors (age, sex, school entry into high school, social origin) that factors related to the structure of the institution (percentage of girls, percentage of students with school delay, distribution of students by social origin and average grade obtained in the patent).

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