Overview Vol.9 Sailor Moon – Everlasting Version – Manga

Our heroines barely have time to rest a little after their winning battle recipe, when new, rather sad events happen: while Chibi-Usa intends to go back to the 30th century to give her parents news and tell them about recent events, Mamoru , in turn, is about to leave to study for a year at Harvard, in the United States, not without the promise of keeping close contact with his beloved. But at the time of farewell at the airport, a fatal event occurs: the young man is as if absorbed by a crystal into which he disappears, and our heroine seems to have no memory of this incident, being convinced that Mamoru is fine and truly left for America without problems. And this is not the only strange event. On the one hand, Usagi is surprised to see a new little girl arrive at her house, calling herself Chibi-Chibi, barely speaking, and looking a lot like Chibi-Usa, but even smaller. And on the other hand, our heroines go crazy when they see Three Lights arriving at their school, the new trio of fashion idols, all three boys very handsome in appearance… but are they really what they are?

The fifth and last major arc of the series, adapted as an anime in the 5th season of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, begins like this in this 9th and penultimate volume whose 270 pages are entirely dedicated to the main story, for a result where we will immediately evacuate the main small limits, these being mainly on the antagonists: between a Lady Galaxia whose goal couldn’t be simpler (getting to the top of the galaxy hierarchy), and her minions whose fights are frankly dispatched in an instant without their traits (they’re loosely based on animals: rat , cat…) being really explored, this new group of enemies is far from among the most memorable in the game. enemy.

And yet, if we ignore this lack of charisma and presence in these final enemies, the fact is that there’s enough to be caught in an arc where, first and foremost, we feel very well the aura of danger and mystery. What happened to Mamoru? Will Usagi be able to remember her disappearance and deal with it? Where do Lady Galaxia and her minions come from? Who are the Three Lights really? Will they be allies or enemies? And where does Chibi-Chibi come from? What is she doing there? So many questions of which, of course, we can easily see the main lines on the side of the answers, but that above all have the interest of coming little by little to make the universe of the series a little more complex, bringing several small revelations (on the planet of origin de Luna and Artemis, for example), and mainly for ending up confronting Sailor Moon with what will in fact be her biggest threat. A threat killing her most precious allies one by one, leaving her almost alone…

There is then a little more maturity or even darkness in this first part of the last arc, something that is especially felt in certain themes evoked in the watermarks. Of course, it’s always about saving the world from a great threat, preserving Usagi and Mamoru’s love, and showing the loyalty of Sailor Moon’s companions to their queen, for whom they would be willing to do anything because they dedicate their lives to him. but implicitly, we follow a slightly more tormented Usagi, in doubt about what makes a Sailor (if it’s above all her crystal that counts, how much is her body worth?), and especially about the acceptance of a power she has. still sometimes struggles to come out, so many people suffer from it because of her (well, according to her). One of the challenges then is to bring us to a new maturity of Usagi, eager to carry this sometimes too heavy power to bear to the end in order to save the people she cares about.

“It’s weird… I feel like Usagi will never come back…”

We will therefore wait with mad curiosity for the final volume of this Eternal Edition, to rediscover or simply discover the outcome of the adventures of Sailor Moon and her partners.

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