Minister of Larger Training Award: A CPU Point out

Caroline de Coninck

Credit: Samuel Tessier

The Pedagogical Advisor of the Center for University Pedagogy (CPU) at the University of Montreal Caroline de Coninck received honors from the Government of Quebec on the occasion of the 2021-2022 competition for the Minister’s Awards in Higher Education. The course series “Le solfège à votre chez vous”, which she designed in collaboration with Matthieu Van Vliet and his colleagues at Cégep Marie-Victorin, won a mention in the Educational Resources category in the Educational Resources section.

“CPU is proud of the influence of this project on UdeM and on university circles. This is a great example of order collaboration and a big hit for the whole team! We are extremely proud to have collaborated in the design of this series of courses broadcast on our institutional platform EDUlib and emphasize its accessibility to everyone, as it is available online for free,” said Caroline de Coninck.

Launched in Fall 2018, the four-course series is aimed at prospective students in pre-college and university music programs. It aims to facilitate the learning of music theory and music theory, preparing them adequately for the training that awaits them.

The first part of the series covers in particular writing the pitch of sounds, naming notes and accidentals, as well as understanding intervals. The second and third parts, which earned the designers the Mention of the Minister, deal with scales, the construction of three- and four-note chords, as well as tonal harmony. The fourth and final part will allow you to discover the writing of rhythms, simple and compound measures, as well as binary and ternary tenses. Throughout the series, a series of dynamic video clips and fun interactive activities are offered to students to help them demystify music theory and acquire the reflexes needed to read musical texts.

In addition to Caroline de Coninck, many members of the Université de Montréal community participated in the development of this project: the mediatization team of the Centro de Ensino Universitário, the professor of the Faculty of Music Luce Beaudet and the master’s student in performance Alex Soucy, who created interactive exercises. This exceptional collaborative work led to the success of the series “Le solfège à votre votre porte”, which can be accompanied free of charge by anyone who plays an instrument, sings or composes music.

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