Learning Overseas: Making ready for Your Departure

Going to study abroad is often one of the first international adventures in a student’s life. Although candidates for international mobility are young, they are expected to have perfect autonomy and rigor to carry out their experience, without pitfalls.

The keyword throughout your entire process will be “anticipation”. In fact, applications for international mobility occurring, on average, one year before departure for the host country, you will understand that in order to register you will have to be informed in advance. There is student lounges organized to inform and guide you in your research, so do not hesitate to take advantage of all the means at your disposal.

While fairs are by far the most interactive way to educate yourself on the subject, please note that every establishment that opens its doors to foreign students provided the necessary information on its website. It may also be helpful for you to contact the administration of your educational establishment if you are studying and want to get out through a exchange student. It is not uncommon for universities to organize an annual informational meeting for those who wish to learn about the terms of departure.

A well-conducted preliminary research will avoid unnecessary stress when setting up your administrative file.

Preparing for your departure abroad: administration

Most important, and certainly not to be underestimated, is obviously the administrative file climb to claim the long-awaited match. If you’re leaving as part of a university exchange or as a self-employed candidate, you will face procedures that are out of the ordinary.


In case of departure in a country that requires a Visa or one study permit Where Working stay there, your privileged interlocutor will be the embassy of host country in the capital of your Country of Residence.

Beware, there are known scams in countries considered popular by expatriates and exchange studentsfake agencies that should take care of your procedures can approach you, above all do not give in to the sirens of the visa and papers easily obtained, you run the risk of spending a lot of money without ever getting anything in return.

O procedures changing countries can seem daunting, but they are not absolutely insurmountable, with a little bit of rigor you have all the cards in hand to get there yourself.

Each host country has its own rules and will require different documents to provide a residence permit. It is your responsibility to provide a full administrative filesufficiently in advance to account for any processing times over which you have no influence.

A common mistake is not paying attention to your payment due date. official identity documents. the maximum of destinations even require a passport valid for more than 6 months after the departure date to receive it.

as an example of administrative documents that you may be asked to provide: A criminal background extractThe proof of required funds to meet your needs for a defined period of time, a proof of identityone Visaone acceptance letter from your university

sanitary requirements

Don’t underestimate the shutter either. health yours travelsome countries will require a vaccination passport updated and proof of some vaccines specific to receive it, this step is non-negotiable.

To be study abroad also goes hand in hand with health plan. Some institutions require students to enroll in theHealth plan administered by the university to control coverage of mobility candidates and avoid unfortunate situations.

Anyway, if you go out european bordersThe social insurance won’t support your medical fees and it will be more than advisable (if not required by some establishments or countries) to take out private medical insurance to cover any costs.

Also, once there, don’t hesitate to register at registration of foreigners yours host countryIn the event of a major problem, it is important that your embassy know that you are in the country and that she can get in touch with you, especially to help you if needed.

Preparing for your departure abroad: personal preparation


Would you be wrong to imagine that the administrative preparation be the only one to take into account. go abroad is certainly not insignificant for an individual and requires, for an optimal experience, a personal preparation.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of language mastery yours host country, especially if it’s an unusual language or a part of the world where locals speak little English. There are many countries where English is not taken for granted and keeping it will exclude you from many facets of living abroad as well as exposing you to targeted scams or, in any case, to people who want to take advantage of your status.

Since departure procedures must be started well in advance, nothing prevents you from dedicating a little of your time to mastering a language, the effort is not minimal, but it will allow for a more successful, faster integration and therefore a more rewarding adventure once in a while your host country.

The budget

One of the keys to the success of a student stay abroad it is undeniably a well-prepared and well-managed budget. Be careful, if you are in a country whose currency is different from the one you know, it can happen quickly that you lose touch with the value of what you are spending. It would be a shame to have to interrupt such a big adventure because of a hole in your bank account. It will never be very prudent to plan a route plan in advance with a budget by expense category: accommodation, food, tours, transport, etc.

keep your head on your shoulders

Leaving is exciting, you project yourself, dream of a new life and imagine yourself as the hero of a movie… This euphoria is wonderful, but it would be wise not to lose sight of reality and enjoy the exaltation if you do. Idealizing one’s own adventure before leaving is dangerous and can lead to strong disillusionment and even a feeling of depression that leads some students to return home earlier than expected. ONE international mobility it is a wonderful chance, you will certainly experience very strong moments of joy there, but the fact is that it is still about everyday life and it is possible that everything does not go perfectly or that you have to deal with delicate situations.

It’s not about falling into paranoia, it’s about being warned and realistic. It’s always interesting to meet students have spent a year or more in host country you are directing so that you can better discuss your personal experiences. Each adventure is unique and everyone can provide specific advice.

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