Learning new monetary applied sciences is feasible

This article is signed Jean Langlois Berthelotprofessor at SciencesPo.

Are you currently at the end of your license or bachelor’s degree and wish to advance to a master’s with a specialty in the field of Fintechs?

Are you already in active life, but dream of being able to enter the bubbling field of Fintechs? This review article is for you.

Here we analyze the various French bac+5 training courses that can allow you to develop the necessary skills to enter this wonderful field of new financial technologies.

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The best courses continue to be the Masters in Asia, the United States, England and Switzerland.

Of course, French establishments have nothing to be ashamed of for the training they offer. However, if we look at the main international rankings, the best teams are currently in Asia, the United States, England and Switzerland.

In this regard, we cite some establishments that are the most famous for large banks in terms of Fintechs:

  • In Asia, we must mention the Chinese universities of Tsinghua and Shanghai Jiao Tong, but also the excellent University of Singapore;
  • In the United States, training at Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT universities;
  • In England, training at LSE, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge;
  • In Switzerland, training at UNIGE, ETH Zurich and EPFL.

Many possible workouts

For those who have been interested in the area of ​​Fintechs for many years, a first observation is in order: the number of Master’s level courses dedicated to Fintechs has exploded.

These courses are particularly represented in 5 classic subjects:

  • Master’s in finance and in particular in financial engineering;
  • Masters in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with specialization in the area;
  • Masters in Law and in particular in Business Law and Banking Law;
  • Master in Economics with a dedicated specialization;
  • Master in Management with a focus on Fintechs.

Some of these courses are focused on Fintechs and feature the mention of the Fintech diploma while others have (only) specific courses on Fintechs.

Essential training in France

Of course, this observation may be disappointing, but the training courses that are generally the most appreciated in the Fintech field by French employers are those offered by the most reputable establishments in the fields of engineering and management.

If a lot of marketing is done in very specialized training, establishments that have long consecrated their brands as synonymous with excellence in the areas of management, engineering and law, continue to be generalists.

As far as management is concerned, the Up 2 School ranking of 2021 in Fintech training was therefore not very surprising when it placed HEC, ESSEC and IESEG in the top 5 knowing that these schools are regularly 1er and 2º in the post-preparatory business school rankings and 1Time (IESEG) in the ranking of post-baccalaureate business schools.

The SciencesPo and PSL University Fintech courses should also be considered due to the often interdisciplinary nature that characterizes them.

In the field of engineering, emphasis is given to training at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, which brings together several particularly prestigious establishments: Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA, ENSAE, Telecom Paris and Telecom Sud Paris.

With regard to Masters in Law, the rankings of the best Masters in Fintech Law but also in Blockchain Law almost systematically distinguish the same establishments.

These establishments are also not surprising, as they are known to recruiters in the field of law: Panthéon-Sorbonne University, PSL University, Panthéon-Assas University, Paris Saclay University and Côte d’Azur University.

With these tips, we wish you good luck with your applications.

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