Larger training: Professor Jean-François Silas Kobiané takes the reins of the Joseph Ki-Zerbo College of Ouagadougou

The new president of the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University (UJKZ) of Ouagadougou officially took office this Thursday, June 16, 2022. He succeeds Professor Rabiou Cissé, who has headed the university since June 16, 2015, that is, seven years a day. per day. The inauguration ceremony took place at the aforementioned university in the presence of the various members of the university body.

Appointed by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 1 June 2022, Professor Jean-François Silas Kobiané is officially installed in his duties. The new president of this great university is a professor of demography at the Higher Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP) of the UJKZ. He is also an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (ANSAL-BF).

In welcoming his successor, the outgoing President, Pr Rabiou Cissé, recognized that the road traveled was long but full of enthusiasm, punctuated like all human work by difficulties, failures of course, but also opportunities for successes. He took the opportunity to list the great achievements of his administration, in particular the creation of the Joseph Ki-Zerbo foundation, the adoption of a university anthem, the construction of the day care center, the construction of the main entrance to the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University and the establishment of the Chair Joseph Ki-Zerbo. In doing so, he invited everyone to “indulge and also not to hide the convoys that were on time”.

“The road traveled was long, but full of enthusiasm, punctuated as any human work with difficulties”, Pr Rabiou Cissé

Many challenges to overcome

The inauguration ceremony continued in a good-natured atmosphere with the speech of the new president. Firstly, he congratulated “his predecessor, as well as his successive teams, for the work carried out over the last seven years to improve learning conditions at the university, improve the living environment, appease the social climate and diversify the sources of financing”.

The university body of the UJKZ came to bid farewell to the outgoing president

However, the UJKZ is fraught with many challenges to overcome, including academic lag. To end this vicious circle in which the university has been immersed since the creation of the License-Master-Doctoral (LMD) system, the new president intends to make it a priority; he specified on this matter that the beginning of the solutions are already underway.

“The main challenges that we will try to face are the challenge of the academic calendar and that of financial mobilization”, Pr Jean-François Silas Kobiané

Professor Jean-François Kobiané also noted that the other challenge he and his team will strive to address is the challenge of financial mobilization. He also pledged to spare no effort to maintain a peaceful social climate, to be attentive to all the actors in the institution and to maintain spaces for dialogue throughout his term.

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