Insecurity within the Democratic Republic of Congo: Why the authority is anxious in regards to the closure of 54 faculties in Ruwenzori

  • Yassin Kombi Kadina
  • Beni (DRC) – BBC Africa

photo credit, Yassin Kombi Kadina

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Kitsa Floribert, director of EP Kalembo, in front of her closed office door

Repeated attacks attributed to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels forced school authorities to order the closure of 54 schools in Ruwenzori, Beni Territory, eastern DRC, just two months from the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

This decision worries the head of the education administration of the sector Ruwenzori, who says he fears the impact of this long closure on children’s education. In the Ruwenzori sector in eastern DRC, it is now birdsong replacing the hubbub and clamor of schoolchildren in the school playground.

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The primary school in Kalembo is one of the establishments affected by the administrative decision to suspend education for security reasons.

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