Household planning: “my husband forbade me to be sterilized, even after my fifth being pregnant”

  • Felipe Souza – @felipe_dess
  • From BBC News Brazil to London

photo credit, Cecilia Tombesi | BBC

After her fifth child, elderly caretaker Monica (not her real name), then 32, wanted to be sterilized to avoid becoming pregnant again. The risk of dying in childbirth, serious financial problems and changes in her body motivated her decision.

However, citing religious reasons, her husband prevented her from performing the procedure.

“The old testament says ‘marry and multiply’. Many brothers preached based on this and my husband followed the same thought. He told me that I would not do the sterilization and wanted to know why I wanted this procedure. I understood this situation as ‘ I’m responsible’ and I got angry,” she told BBC News Brazil.

Monica had another child, totaling three males and three females.

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