Foot – Evaluation: Our nationwide groups undergo from a administration drawback, whose fault is it?

Lately, the Haitian team has faced some administrative difficulties and has even struggled to reach Guyana, a small country not far from South America. Concerned: the conditions for obtaining visas. If in the past various planning issues have plagued our teams and athletes, it would be Team Manager’s fault for not taking on its essential mission. We will see!

The Haitian national team is currently playing in the CONCACAF Nations League. But from the very first game, the Grenadiers are eaten up by administrative concerns that have not worked in their favor. As a result, a bad draw (0-0) in Bermuda, leaving some Dominican Republic players without entry visas. We don’t stop there!

On behalf of the second day last Tuesday, Jean-Jacques Pierre’s men had to suffer to overcome a weak team from Montserrat (3-2) on Dominican soil. The day after this match, Eleven Nacional was already thinking about the trip to Guyana, hoping that the same refrains wouldn’t come back whispering in their ears.

This Thursday, we have just learned that the Haitian delegation arrives at its destination, but in the middle of the night, time to negotiate with the airport authorities. It was around 2 am when the Grenadiers left their bags at the airport, but they had to wait until dawn to get to the hotel that welcomes them. Such a situation arouses the anger and frustration of some weary players facing Guyana, located on the North Atlantic coast of South America, this Friday. The truth is that the head of delegation chosen by the FHF did not know that it is necessary to have a visa to go there when you have a Haitian passport in hand.

A floating planning problem for the team manager!

The team manager is a shadow facilitator who does valuable coordination work. He is there to help the crew and crew prepare in the best conditions and not travel like a world traveler. All teams count on this specialist who is the permanent link between the athlete and the administration to help set the various operational details, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This allows the team and players to remain fully focused on matches, training and preparation.

The management of Haiti’s national team is now in the hands of Peterson Desormeau. A very bright and dedicated young man who dedicates his whole life to sport. Coordinator of the national championship D3 and departmental director of the MJSAC for the Nippes, the native of Miragoâne studied Communication and received a scholarship to study medicine in Venezuela. Arriving in South America, he opted preferentially for sports management.

Bad feeling in Provo, Nazon cries out for help!

Administration is the action of organizing and managing affairs. The Haitian Federation, as the body responsible for controlling football activities, must ensure that what is happening in this sphere. All logistics must be organized upstream, with great rigor, so that no practical concerns come to interfere with the trips and preparation of our Grenadiers. We have some solid examples that reflect the neglect of the importance of the departures of the National Eleven.

On June 4, 2021, the day before facing the Turks and Caicos Islands in the World Cup qualifiers, the Haitian delegation had fought in Provo and a publication by Duckens Nazon sowed doubts in the nets.

“People should know what is happening, the current situation is cataclysmic, everything is falling apart in our hands. #Grenadye case next…”

This statement by the Chouchou of the Haitian people remained enigmatic until the light was turned on. It would be a matter of transporting players from Providenciales airport on a school bus, painted as you know in yellow and used exclusively for this purpose. In addition, the hotel complex that hosted the national team did not have a restaurant. Duckens Nazon and some teammates scolded him on that bus in the streets of Provo to go to dinner.

Panic also before the 2021 Gold Cup!

On June 13, 2021, the Haitian national team left Port-au-Prince for the United States for the return match against Canada, still as part of the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. In fact, 4 Grenadiers failed to make the travel. Subsequently, 3 of them namely Alex Christian Junior, Carnejy Antoine and Martin Experience would join the state of Chicago. But Jonhy Placide, dissatisfied, gave priority to his new club, SC Bastia, who were starting preparations for Ligue 2. 14 days because they came from Europe.

Qualified a few weeks later for the Gold Cup (in the play-offs), Jean-Jacques Pierre’s squad was affected before the first match against the Americans, as 9 positive cases of Covid-19 are listed, including Deedson Louicius, Frantzdy Pierrot , Isaac Rouaud , Josue Duverger and Jems Geffrard. While playing against Team USA, Duckens Nazon was also affected and withdrew from the rest of the competition. And it is from this period that the fight between Nazon and Carnejy Antoine was born, as well as the clash that still damages between the first city and the coach.

As part of managing the team, it’s important for the coach to go and solve this type of problem. Skills, know-how, experience, dynamism, but also personality and behavior in the collective are essential elements to take into account. Even so, it is necessary to recognize and identify the imperfections that disturb the cohesion of the group and harm the environment and especially the performances.

The Debacle U23 in Guadalajara, 10 players lined up, Odilon in goal!

Still in 2021. It’s mid-March. The U23 men’s team was heading to Mexico in search of a ticket to the Olympic Games. Delays in procedures for Covid-19 tests frustrated the plans of coach Webens Prinsimé who had only 10 players available to make up the starting eleven against the Hondurans. That night, Odilon Jérôme, the team’s defender, played as a goalkeeper. In the end, the young grenadiers dropped the flag (0-3) before being knocked out of the group stage.

Amid bad explanations that arrive in drops with each disappointment, the FHF Standards Committee loses its words and does not take charge during this transitional period after the Dadou era. No to the breach, we will have to seek a quick solution to the recurring organizational problems to be able to hope better for our king sport.

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