Faculty hockey: Judes Vallée leaves Université de Moncton’s Aigles Bleus

It is a moved man who confirmed the news to Radio-Canada Acadie. The reflection was long, but I chose the familysays Judes Vallee.

He wanted to be closer to his wife’s grandchildren. When you’re 30 or 40, there are things you can accept for the familyexplains the 54-year-old adopted Sherbrooke resident. But now emotions take over.

It’s a difficult decision for me, because we started something good here. People have been so nice to me here in Acadie. It was a dream for me to lead a university team. »

a quote from Valley of Judas

Appointed on June 9, 2017 in charge of Aigles Bleus, Vallée helped rebuild the men’s hockey program. His record of 36 wins, 62 losses and 16 games lost in overtime might not seem brilliant at first, but the mentor has put the shine back on recruiting top-notch players.

Judes Vallée had a first season with just three wins in 2017-2018. Then, the following year, his lineup scored 14 victories.

Photo: Radio-Canada / François Le Blanc

His efforts to improve his squad were recognized in 2019 when he was named Atlantic University Athletic Coach of the Year.

I did my best. The way we ended up against UNB in ​​the semifinals is promising. We have created a work culture and we have good young people. I believe pride is thereanalyzes the former coach.

Vallée doesn’t have a project in mind yet. He will help the new boss ensure the transition, particularly for recruitment.

A surprise for the organization

This news surprised everyone at Aigles Bleus.

It’s sad, that’s rightlaunches Mika Cyr, striker for Blue and Gold. He was good for us, for the show and for me. He did an exceptional job bringing the show back and we will miss him.

Cyr adds that the presence of Judes Vallée was an important factor in choosing Aigles Bleus.

I spoke to him many times and saw that he kept his promiseshe adds.

Same story with his teammate, defender Denis Toner. We had no suspicions that he might leave, it’s a shock.

Cyr and Toner salute their passion for hockey and their dedication to the men’s hockey program.

He turned around, image Toner, who wants its replacement to be a sequel.

Camille Theriault

Photo: Radio-Canada

In turn, the spokesperson for the Aigles Bleus recovery group, Camille Thériault, was disappointed to learn of Vallée’s departure.

After your explanations, I understand better. It’s a loss for the hockey program. But he will become an ambassador for the Aigles Bleus and that will help us. »

a quote from Camille Thériault of the revival group Aigles Bleus

The arrival of Judes Vallée in 2017 coincides with the creation of the recovery group, whose mission is to restore the shine to Aigles Bleus, the flagship of the Université de Moncton that had been faltering for several years. .

Judes knew how to lift the programsays Camille Theriault. Above all, what impresses me is that excellent players were sought after who are also good people, good students.

It is unknown when Université de Moncton will launch its hiring process.

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