Coronavirus: that are the epidemic facilities of the world

The coronavirus today in the world:

About 537 million and infected people

Most 6.31 million death


The World Health Organization continues to predict a decrease in mortality from Covid-19 on the African continent in the coming months. Vaccination and natural immunity should reduce the number of deaths by more than 90%.

In addition, negotiations are underway with the WTO, first for better circulation of products needed to combat pandemics in the world, but also on the temporary lifting of patents for anti-Covid-19 vaccines. For this last and most delicate point, it seems difficult to find an agreement, a solution.

The numbers of the coronavirus pandemic are falling by South Africainside namibiafor Zimbabwe and remain stable in Botswanaas well as in Angola. On the other hand, incidence rates increase significantly in Zambia is at Mozambique, without significant consequences. Most of the people tested positive for Covid have mild symptoms, which leads to few hospitalizations.

Facing Mozambique, in the Indian Ocean, we noticed a resumption of virus circulation in Madagascar. This increase in the number of cases results from the large festive gatherings during the Easter and Pentecost holidays, as well as the southern winter that is beginning to settle on Ilha Grande. The epidemic appears to be under control Mauritius. For the Meeting, the health situation continues to improve. The few explosions observed at the beginning of the school year did not turn into a resumption of the epidemic. Meeting is still at odds with the metropolis, where contamination increases again…

The numbers of the coronavirus are increasing a little in the Kenya, without the situation being worrisome for the moment. The epidemic curve is also rising in Ethiopia, and the government launched a new vaccination campaign against Covid-19. The incidence rate is stable throughout Sudanfor Southern Sudaninside Egyptfor Chad is at Central African Republic. The virus circulates a little more actively in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but the situation remains under control. The numbers remain low and unchanged Congofor Gabon, for Cameroonfor Nigeriaas well as in Niger.

In West Africa, the Covid lull continues. No alarming trends are reported in Benignfor Gofor Ghana, inside Costa do Marfim inside guinea or to Senegal. Authorities in these countries continue to call for surveillance and vaccination. The resumption of the epidemic is observed in green cap.

Inside Algeria, the pandemic seems under control, the country is opening cautiously. At the Morocco, Covid-19 traffic indicators are on the rise. The BA 5 subvariant is present in the realm and the use of a mask is strongly recommended indoors. Deaths and hospitalizations do not appear to be increasing. Inside Tunisia the pandemic numbers are increasing a little. However, since June 10, travelers over the age of 18, fully vaccinated and arriving on Tunisian soil, are no longer required to present the result of a PCR test.

  • The African Center for Disease Control and Prevention regularly updates available information about the coronavirus pandemic in Africa,
  • and website publications “Our World in Data”led by Oxford University and written by Max Roser (social historian and development economist) provide indications on the vaccination rate by continent, then by country.


At the Canada, there is a slight upward trend in Covid cases, while hospitalizations continue to gradually decline. Canadian authorities have announced that random Covid tests carried out at the country’s airports will be suspended until the end of June (this creates a very long waiting period). The use of the Canadian Covid Alert app will also apparently be abandoned in the coming days. The requirement to be vaccinated to board a plane or train will also be suspended from June 20, but it will be necessary to continue wearing a mask during travel. Travelers arriving from abroad will still need to declare their vaccination status prior to arrival using the ArriveCan app and those who are not vaccinated will be required to self-quarantine. The measures in place, which differ by province, are detailed on the Canadian government website.

The indicators are calm in UNITED STATES and the requirement to present a Covid-19 test for fully vaccinated travelers flying into the country has not been in effect since June 12. In addition, the Moderna and Pfizer laboratories will certainly quickly have the green light to implement the vaccination of children between 6 months and 6 years. Meetings are ongoing and the authorization decision for these products should be known to the public shortly. More accurate information, by state, on Covid-19 in the US, on the website “Johns Hopkins, University & Medicine

The incidence rate is increasing Mexico is at Guatemalawhile inNo epidemic outbreak is observed in savior for Honduras or to Nicaragua. Pandemic numbers remain steady at Costa Rica is at Panama.

For Cuba the epidemic curve is decreasing, but some Caribbean islands still report a significant number of cases. It is especially in Martinique that the situation is deteriorating, certainly because of population displacements during the long Pentecost weekend. Consequently, just over a month after being lifted, the white plan (specific mobilization and reorganization of scheduled medical acts) was reactivated by the University Hospital of Martinique.

In South America, there is a still moderate increase in cases of Covid-19 infection in Venezuelainside Colombiafor Peru and a little more important Ecuador or even in French Guiana. At the Brazilthe number of infections increases and the number of deaths Diaries attributed to coronavirus has been steadily increasing for 7 days. Inside Argentinaindicators are falling, while they rise sharply again in Chile is at Uruguay. The CNRS in South America has classified detailed information on the situation related to the Coronavirus in this region of the world


In a preliminary report on the coronavirus pandemic and published on June 9, the WHO again suggests that the Sars-Cov-2 leak may have come from a Chinese laboratory and asks Beijing for more collaboration. Additional knowledge is necessary for the advancement of science, but the China retorts accusing the UN agency of “political manipulation”. Across the country, lockdowns in major cities are easing, but the reopening of schools has been delayed in Beijing and majority of elementary and high school students in the Chinese capital “will continue to study online at home”.

Inside India, the pandemic appears to be under control. remember that Wearing a mask remains mandatory for all airline passengers in India. Anyone who refuses face covering runs the risk of being disembarked. Nothing remarkable in terms of the coronavirus epidemic in Bhutanfor Nepalfor Bangladesh is at Myanmar (Burma). The epidemic curve always decreases Laos is at Vietnam, and the numbers remain at their lowest level Cambodia. In Cambodia, the fifth vaccination campaign against covid with priority groups began. (It was clarified that the interval between the fourth and fifth dose should be at least 3 months). Inside thailand, the decline of the last wave of Covid is confirmed and the “Thailand Pass” is expected to be canceled on July 1st. On the other hand, the presentation of documents relating to the vaccination status of travelers remains mandatory, as well as the special Covid insurance. This last point is highly controversial on the part of actors in the Thai tourism sector, who indicate that some neighboring countries (Cambodia, Vietnam) have already abolished the insurance requirement to facilitate the access of foreign visitors to their country. The circulation of the virus remains weak and stable in Malaysia.

The virus is still present Singapore, but the situation seems under control. The coronavirus is spreading a little more than in previous weeks in Brunei Darussalam and some additional cases are identified in Indonesia is for Philippines, but in minimal proportions and not causing any particular concern at the moment. In the Philippines, there is a debate surrounding the use of a mask. Philippine authorities have warned that citizens can be arrested if they fail to comply with the presidential decree that requires the use of masks in public to protect against Covid-19, even in a province where the governor has declared that wearing a mask has become optional…

The epidemic begins to subside Taiwanbut there are still many deaths and Subvariants Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 have just been detected on the island…Covid cases are down South Korea is at Japan. Since June 10, Japan has again received groups of foreign tourists, accompanied and under close surveillance.

Inside Central Asia, no country declares a significant resumption of virus circulation. At the middle EastThe Kuwaitthey United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, The Qatar and Israel are reporting a few more cases this week.


The European Union appears to have reached an agreement to extend until June 2023 the European Health Pass (normally valid until June 30, 2022). This agreement still needs to be validated by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. This extension of the Covid certificate will not make it mandatory again for States that have chosen not to require it anymore, but it can be reactivated in case the health situation worsens again in Europe. As the contamination rate is increasing in the old continent, the subvariants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 are spreading in several countries. At the Portugal the peak of the last wave has passed and the epidemic curve has fallen again, but cases are increasing Greeceinside Franceinside Germany, inside Austriaetc For more detailed information on the measures implemented in European countries, the website regularly reviews each country in the Union.


Indicators point down New Zealand as well as in Australia.

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