Constructing a enterprise in 48 hours on the Université de Sherbrooke

From product conceptualization to product marketing, these teams of students must complete every step of building a business.

From 9 pm on Sunday, after the two days of competition, the best team gets its ticket for the grand final, which will crown the best company in the competition at provincial level. Professional support will be offered to the winners so that they can make their young company last.

The initial objective was to develop business know-how. […] We have to deal with a lot of knowledge. Entrepreneurship has only been theoretical for a few decades. Now, we want to develop know-how based on these theories, in the fieldhighlights Éric Charlebois, co-founder and designer of Défi 48, led by Apprends et Entreprends.

These are young people who are brilliant, they are young people who are working to become experts in their field of study. Now, we must ensure that this field of study translates into know-how within a community! »

a quote from Éric Charlebois, co-founder and designer of Défi 48

Sherbrooke is one of eight cities that the Défi 48 team will visit, which is in its second year of activity. According to organizers, the Sherbrooke students encouraged local industry to develop their project.

Young entrepreneurs had to overcome major challenges in the development of their project.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierrick Pichette

We have companies that have already partnered with local entrepreneurs. It’s very rare that entrepreneurs, so quickly during Challenge 48, show up to the challenge with products and come talk to our budding entrepreneurs.adds Mr. Charlebois.

Hats off to the business community of Sherbrooke and the surrounding area, it’s great. »

a quote from Éric Charlebois, co-founder and designer of Défi 48

With COVID-19, it is small businesses that have suffered the most, during confinements and other measures. The large multinationals had an easier time absorbing the reaction. […] We want to see a Quebec of the future where local products are increasingly encouragedwitnessed Matis Gauthier-Routhier, who worked with his team in making and selling baskets of local produce.

Grow as a human… in 48 hours

Ideas of all kinds, from supporting influencers to IT assistance and offering maintenance services, are springing up in the creative studio at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Students were able to receive help from the challenge organizers to develop their project.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierrick Pichette

In the eyes of the participants, it is an enriching experience not only at the business level, but also at the human level.

It allows us to develop contacts with people to whom we were already close, but not close enough. Links are woven through challenge. It also allows us to live an experience that would not be possible in normal times without going into business.said Maxence Mougin, a robotics engineering student who is taking part in the challenge.

His team’s project consists of marketing purely Estrie activity packages, allowing tourists and newcomers to discover the region.

I think Défi 48 is a springboard. This is the basis for going further. »

a quote from Charles-Henri Roy, marketing student at the University of Sherbrooke

There are many participants who want to continue their project, even beyond the competition. Others simply have the entrepreneurial bug and plan to create more such businesses in the near future.

When we met, we understood that it didn’t necessarily need an event to act. We can do this overnight, without necessarily being in a context of competition. When we put our mind to it, we can do itconcluded participant Mariange Charbonneau.

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