Bordeaux Sciences Agro, the College of Bordeaux and INRAE ​​launch the Chair of Natural Agriculture to advertise and develop the natural sector

A Chair to face the challenges of a strategic agricultural sector

Consumer concerns about environmental and health issues have steadily increased the attractiveness of organically grown products on the market. Aware of this growth dynamics, the School of Agronomy of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Bordeaux Sciences Agro has launched the Chair of Organic Agriculture whose mission revolves around different missions:

  • Create a bridge between the scientific world and the actors of the organic sector to identify the expectations of the sector, raise questions and identify concrete solutions to face the challenges of the sector
  • Co-construct with actors from the socioeconomic world the initial and/or professional training that allows Bordeaux Sciences Agro students to acquire a solid base of knowledge about organic agriculture, based on research results and field experiences
  • Assemble 5-6 student-led professional projects to allow them to delve into and identify the key issues of this mode of production of the future
  • Organize at least 3 popular scientific seminars and workshops based on forward-looking themes

“The rise of organic farming poses many technical, economic and social questions and generates new skill needs. With our partners, we wanted to launch a joint Chair to respond to these different challenges and consolidate the development of the sector. » explain Thomas Nesme and Isabelle Masneuf Pomarède, co-holders of the Chair of Organic Agriculture

12 corporate sponsors already mobilized in the project

To carry out these various actions of common interest related to training, research and transfer, the presidency team intends to mobilize a total of 20 sponsoring companies to finance its various actions. Several companies like the Biocoop Gironde cooperative network, the Château Canon wine estate or the Qualisud qualification body have already formalized their financing agreement.

“Since the beginning of the Biocoop adventure, we have wanted to fund significant, forward-looking projects to advance the organic sector. This mode of production is a key element of the ecological transition that urgently needs to be accelerated. As organic players for over 30 years, we have a role to play in making the sector more dynamic. Allying our forces with higher education actors in a project that aimed to strengthen the dialogue between the scientific and professional worlds seemed obvious. says Olivier Buitge, manager of biocoops Talence and Gradignan.

Download the launch visuals from this link.

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