Russia-Ukraine battle: Black and Indian college students display in opposition to prejudice on the border

By Stephanie Hegarty and Poonam Taneja BBC World Service February 28, 2022 photo credit, AFP image subtitle, Refugees board bus at Polish border African and Indian students reported discrimination and other difficulties as they tried to flee Ukraine. The BBC has collected statements from colored foreigners who say they are refused entry to trains and … Read more

Household planning: “my husband forbade me to be sterilized, even after my fifth being pregnant”

Felipe Souza – @felipe_dess From BBC News Brazil to London April 19, 2022 photo credit, Cecilia Tombesi | BBC After her fifth child, elderly caretaker Monica (not her real name), then 32, wanted to be sterilized to avoid becoming pregnant again. The risk of dying in childbirth, serious financial problems and changes in her body … Read more

Concordia College | Worldwide college students wish to “break away” from their insurance coverage plan

An international student association at Concordia University wants to “break free” from the educational institution’s insurance plan, which costs nearly $1,400 a year, a peak in Canada. She estimates she could save millions if she turned to the private market. Posted at 8 am. Henri Ouellette-Vezina The press “We currently pay $1,344 a year for … Read more

Erasmus+: returned to check overseas

Nina, Léo and Théo began their final year of studies thousands of kilometers from home. In Madrid, Berlin or Brussels, the beginning of the school year had a different flavor. On the occasion of ErasmusDays, which takes place from the 14th to the 16th of October, they tell us about their first days as international … Read more

Laval College: Exclusion of white males is ‘exaggerated’, says Quebec

Quebec considers “exaggerated” theexclusion of white men from a call for applications at Laval University under criteria set by the federal government that go “very far” according to Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault. • Read too: No to Whites: Guy Nantel’s Courage • Read too: Universities: offsetting centuries of discrimination in ten years? • Read … Read more

Learning within the UK, even after Brexit, is feasible!

Far from being reduced to the Oxbridge cluster (Universities of Oxford and Cambridge), British universities as a whole remain among the most popular among French students. At the British Council, the UK education exchange agency, we are on a mission to inform students about the opportunities available to them in the UK. Brexit has recently … Read more