US proclaims ‘twenty international locations’ will provide weapons to Kyiv, Russia imposes sea blockade
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Cover image: U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a press conference at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, May 23, 2022. ALEX WONG / AFP

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  • The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, urged the international community to toughen economic sanctions against Russia. Talking about Davos-Forum, Monday, May 23, he stated that “there must be no trade with Russia”in particular no purchases of its oil, and urged States to provide more weapons.
  • The city of Sievierodonetskin Luhansk oblast in eastern Ukraine is one of the “immediate tactical priorities” of Russia, writes the British Ministry of Defense in its report released on Sunday.
  • Monday, most of the fight was still focused on this area. The city is bombed “twenty four seven”according to the region’s governor, Serhi Haïdaï. “All Russian forces are concentrated in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions”added, admitting that the situation was turning “Increasingly Difficult” for the Ukrainian defenders.
  • twenty countries are committed to provide additional weapons to Ukraine to deal with Russian forces announced the US Secretary of DefenseLloyd Austin. “Many countries will donate much-needed artillery ammunition, coastal defense systems, tanks and other armor,” he said. for the Kyiv army, he said, citing Italy, Greece, Norway and even Poland.
  • Among the equipment to be delivered to Ukraine, Denmark undertook in particular to send a Harpoon anti-ship missile system, one of the most sophisticated systems equipped by western navies. The Harpoon is normally transported aboard warships or submarines, or even bombers, but Denmark is the only country to have acquired a modified version of this missile launcher that is installed on a truck and thus becomes a coastal defense battery.
  • O Russia imposes a maritime blockade to Ukraine, 5th largest wheat exporterand Ukraine has been undermining approaches to its shores, in particular to protect the port of Odessa, the main port of departure for the country’s agricultural production, US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley recalled on Monday.
  • ONE Russian soldier was sentenced to life imprisonment when first war crimes trial brought in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.
  • In two votes, the Ukrainian parliament approved on Sunday by an absolute majority the presidential decrees on martial law and general mobilizationthat was extended until August 23.
  • The polish presidentAndrzej Duda said in Kyiv on Sunday that he was determined to do everything possible to help Ukraine to become a member of the European Union. The French Minister for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, said the same day that theUkraine’s accession to the European Union would “probably fifteen or twenty years”.

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