Ukraine – Russian Warfare: what resolution for African college students who fled Ukraine?

photo credit, Desmond Muokwudo

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Before studying in Ukraine, Desmond Chinaza Muokwudo was a welder in Nigeria

Desmond Chinaza Muokwudo, a 30-year-old Nigerian student who recently fled Ukraine, spent 11 years saving up to study in Europe.

Once a pipeline welder in Anambra state, he dreamed of studying international relations – but found himself unemployed amid the recession in 2016. It wasn’t until his parents decided to sell their small plot of land that he was able to raise enough funds to pursue his dream.

He finally enrolled in college last year and spent just three months in Ukraine when Russia launched its invasion.

“My parents don’t have anything anymore, they can’t support me,” he explains over the phone, looking defeated, from his temporary accommodation in Berlin, Germany.

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