The European College of Tunis Group opens the primary new era campus in Tunisia

The European University Group of Tunis inaugurated, on Saturday 11 June 2022, a smart, innovative and new generation campus, with representatives from the Council of Europe, the embassies of Belgium, Canada and Morocco, national personalities as well as students, parents, teachers and partners of the University.

The event was covered by national and international media, including the Euronews channel.

It is a real hub for the Maghreb, the Mediterranean and Africa and a lever for development in terms of education and training. A unique and pilot concept in Tunisia, new generation spaces adapted to the new challenges of education and employability of young people, and for Tunisian youth in partnership with prestigious schools and world-renowned universities.

An innovative concept: “Practice validates theory” thanks to active and interactive spaces, a high-tech, digital and connected environment, the student will benefit from the latest trends and practices in modern education.

In addition to classic classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, auditoriums, conference rooms and computer labs, the campus mainly has active and interactive spaces.

A “Student Center” : a contemporary and digital workspace equipped with integrated tablets and which brings together more than 50,000 virtual works, which can be consulted in real time, a student intranet, as well as a platform and an educational support system that trains students in specific supervision and documentary research methodology.

“learning lab” bubbles : the establishment made available to its students modular, multi-space and digital bubbles equipped with integrated tablets. The Learning Laboratories favor exchange, coworking and develop pedagogical practices and tutorials in groups or in pairs.

A “Trading Lab” trading room : Cutting-edge financial market technologies are made available for students to familiarize themselves with stock market operations, connected to exchange flows from around the world to support programs in Business Administration, Management, Finance, International Trade and Data Intelligence with simulations close to reality to prepare students for professional life.

An interactive “Law-Hub” courtroom and a “Political & Diplomatic Hub”: the Department of Law and Political Science houses a Think Tank and a research center in the coworking spaces, as well as a reproduction of an interactive courtroom for the mock trial.

Students are supervised by experienced magistrates and lawyers to prepare them for the profession of lawyer or magistrate, with eloquence competition, oratory coaching and many other activities.

A “start-up & Co” incubator and accelerator independent and open to the public : to succeed in an entrepreneurial project, student-entrepreneurs in Management, Business IT, Data and Communication will benefit from an independent digital coworking space equipped with integrated tablets and modern equipment that will open its doors at the beginning of the next school year.

Equipped with a specific structure to connect with the entrepreneurial ecosystem to successfully create and develop businesses and start-ups.

A project in partnership with the prestigious Grandes Ecoles ranked in the Top 10 Grandes Ecoles in France and in the Top World Financial Times; and so many other active and interactive spaces.

The European University Group, through the Private Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences of Tunis and its departments “Europe of Com & Business” and “Sciences Po Tunis”, specializes in Business Administration, Management, Finance, Marketing, Communication, IT Data Science, Law, Political Science and International Relations.

The European University Group aims for academic excellence through innovative programmes, active pedagogy and partnerships with prestigious schools and world-renowned universities.

Since its inception, the establishment has hosted speakers of international stature in Tunisia, including former Prime Minister Dominique De Villepin, former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Senate Vice President Jean-Pierre Sueur, l Former Canadian Minister of Health and Immigration Rémy Trudel, and many other high-profile personalities and activists, contributing to the international development of education in Tunisia, Maghreb and Africa.


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