Seine-et-Marne: got here to review in France, obtained a CDI at Disneyland Paris

This young man from Montry arrived in France to continue his studies. Thanks to Montry’s EPIDE, he obtained a CDI at Disneyland Paris. (©LB / La Marne)

Desmond Abanda, 19, hesitated for a long time before agreeing to meet us. With a shy nature, this young Cameroonian doesn’t like to perform, let alone his success. Eternally dissatisfied, he worked tirelessly for over a year in France to succeed professionally. And everything went through the Epidem (Establishment for integration into employment) in Montry (Seine-et-Marne).

Determined to succeed in studies

After a brief stay in Italy, Desmond Abanda arrives in France and more precisely in Clichy-sous-Bois in February 2021. A single idea in the mind of this man of African origin: to succeed in his studies in the banking area, the one who always was a good student in his home country, Cameroon. But not everything went as planned. Applying to university is not so easy for a young expat like him.

Desmond Abanda then has appointments with different organizations to help him with his educational and career guidance. “At the local mission, I was offered volunteer work. They wanted me to work, but in my head all I thought about was studying,” he says in a determined tone.

“Couldn’t miss this opportunity”

The local mission ends up referring him to the Montry EPIDE. “I wasn’t interested, I wanted to study. You know, when an African child goes to Europe, it’s to be successful. I was disappointed that it didn’t work out, but I was told that I would like EPIDE, that there were courses…” continues Desmond Abanda. After a series of tests, the young Cameroonian is admitted to Montry.

Here he learns French, the highway code, is housed and fed… All to start over, and that, for free. “What world! He thinks. “I couldn’t miss this opportunity.” Thus, Desmond Abanda worked tirelessly, always with the idea of ​​resuming his studies at the beginning of the school year.

A teacher told me that my level was very high, more so than some people here. But I don’t agree, I had to be even better, improve myself!

Desmond AbandaEPIDE Volunteer

At the same time, the native Cameroonian studies economics in his room with his life’s dream: working at the bank.

A permanent contract at Disneyland Paris

The young man from EPIDE de Montry gives himself six months to leave this establishment and resume his studies. But again, fate decided otherwise. His language skills – he speaks French, English and Italian – caught the attention of one of Seine-et-Marne’s biggest employers: the famous Disneyland Paris amusement park.

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I didn’t like it, I wanted to go back to school. But it was a new opportunity. This is my first job in Europe!

Desmond AbandaEPIDE Volunteer

Desmond Abanda works as a salesman in a store for two weeks, while EPIDE closes for the holidays. “The establishment paid for me to stay at the hotel. It was so expensive that I tried my best to succeed.” After training in sales at Meaux, the young man got a permanent contract at Disneyland Paris. A Holy Grail for many fans.

The Cameroonian, however, has other projects in mind. “I am looking for a school in the banking area. I would like to study in addition to working at Disney. “Thanks to his time at EPIDE, Desmond Abanda can now start his career in France on salary. “Even reluctant, I don’t regret going to EPIDE. I learned many things: overcoming shyness, having a social life and living in community”, he concludes, grateful for the outstretched hand found in France.

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