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Studying abroad has always been a tempting adventure and a serious challenge. In mobility, we face many problems related to accommodationfor transportat the management or even insocial adaptation. But you won’t have to face it all alone, because the Student Concierge Club will always be ready to help you, no matter if you’ve just studied in France or are going abroad!

This concierge service, which serves mobile students across Europe, quickly became aware of two big problems : on the one hand, the difficulties faced by students when they go abroad and, on the other hand, the complexity of the international services offered by institutions that support these young people, due to the lack of necessary resources.

To date, the Student Concierge Club supports around 600 in-and-out students and expects to have over 1,000 members by the end of the year. 52,000 partners participate in the success of the concierge service to answer everything, everywhere, for everything.

Biggest study abroad challenges

According to a survey conducted by the Student Concierge Club (801 students questioned), 85% of students generally travel abroad and 43% have traveled abroad for a period of at least 3 years. Despite that, 63% of them have already encountered difficulties during or after their arrival in France, mainly linked to administrative problems, housing, transport or even social isolation. At the same time, 93% of mobile students handle all formalities themselves.

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A helping hand for young people on the move

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However, for those who wish to havefollow-up on your administrative matters and your problemsthere is the option to join the Student Concierge Club.

By signing it, a young expatriate has direct access to a digital and secure platform find useful information, ask questions to 24/7 multi-channel French-English assistants, carry out direct procedures and track their progress, network with the community of other students to help each other and socialize, etc. .

I joined the Student Concierge Club even before I arrived in France two years ago. – says Talia Younis, currently a Bachelor’s student in Fashion Design. – ” Originally from Jordan and without speaking a word of French, this platform allowed me to find accommodation in Paris and to reassure myself and my parents about my expatriation. Even today I regularly use the Student Concierge Club services whenever I need help. A few weeks ago I forgot my keys inside my apartment and got stuck outside. Within 30 minutes, the doorman fixed the problem! »

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