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Recruitment is increasingly competitive in the Quebec college football scene and Rouge et Or see their patience rewarded with the confirmed arrival of three offensive elements that can cause sparks.

Running back Shawn Valentine, wide receiver Frédérik Antoine and quarterback Xavier Tremblay announced that they are joining Glen Constantin’s roster, though the team has yet to make an official announcement.

In the case of Frédérik Antoine, this is a very intriguing addition. Cégep Montmorency’s former nomads made the leap to the United States in 2019 at Old Dominion University.

Frederick Antonie

Photo courtesy, Old Dominion University

In his first season, an injury ruled him out, so the establishment did not play the 2020 season due to COVID-19. To make matters worse, the receiver only played one game last year, when a new coaching staff appeared.

“They made me take a little advantage and I knew at the end of the season that it would be better to go back to Quebec.

“Of course I would rather play, but I still learned a lot and I feel like I’ve become a better player,” said the man whose talent was never in doubt.

no rust

Antoine isn’t afraid of rust, though he’s seen very little action for three years.

“Football is football. There’s nothing like a game, but I don’t think it takes long to be at my best. My goal is to have fun and help the team,” she said.

Antoine also considered offers from UBC, Montreal and McGill before settling on Laval.

“We all know that Rouge et Or is probably the biggest show in Canada. I can’t wait to get out there, meet the coaches and the quarterbacks to work with them. I’ve heard so many good things about Quebec,” rejoiced the man who will continue his studies for a master’s in business.

Return to Quebec

Another who is experiencing a return to Quebec is quarterback Xavier Tremblay. After his time at Collège André-
Grasset, the center run at Jireh Preparatory Academy in North Carolina, hoping to get noticed by an NCAA program.

“I originally intended to come back to the States, but I didn’t have enough rehearsals in my school preparation to show off. I was thinking of one junior collegebut I have good academic results and I liked this option less.

“I looked at Sherbrooke and Montreal, but Laval was always my first choice among programs in Quebec. The coaching staff and facilities made me lean towards Rouge et Or,” said the man who describes himself as a defender as skilled with his legs as he is with his arm.

Tremblay says he’s already excited to train alongside current quarterbacks Thomas Bolduc and Arnaud Desjardins. “At Rouge et Or, you are always in a competitive environment. It’s a good group,” he said.

Explosives Port

It was not possible to speak to Shawn Valentine, but the carrier shone on John Abbott last season with 1,749 total yards and 16 touchdowns. He gained 8.8 yards per carry.

He confirmed to Philippe Malo, from sports bulletinthat he would line up with the Rouge et Or next fall.

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