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It is helpful to have experience abroad from an early age. In fact, the earlier we start, the more information we memorize and the more it becomes anchored in our brain. For example, learning English when we are young will allow us to absorb the accent and pronunciation, as well as certain idioms that we will take with us for life.

Children’s brains are often compared to sponges. They absorb new knowledge very easily and quickly. Also, when you are a child and spend most of your time playing, you are constantly learning. In fact, by playing, the human being learns more quickly.

This is why some children will find it difficult during school hours to remain seated in a chair and participate in a course. This is also why when summer arrives, children tend to get bored more easily. His brain is less challenged and he feels less enthusiasm when playing with his classmates. In this sense, it is important that he leaves during the holidays.

But most of the time, their parents have to work between July and August and cannot dedicate two months of the year to go on vacation with their children. Thus, summer camps were born.

But imagine giving your child the chance to go language trip abroad during summer vacation. For a few weeks, they will not live surrounded by their parents, they will learn a lot and come back more mature.

Where a “classic” summer camp brings the child a multitude of activities and the possibility of making new friends, a language stay also allows the child to learn a language. Living in complete immersion in the host country, he learns new words every day, new expressions he will remember for a lifetime. He will then return to France more confident and with memories in his head!

Often, teenagers have the chance to do a language exchange with their school. But during these school trips, he hangs out with his friends and spends most of his time speaking French and therefore stays in his comfort zone. That’s why a linguistic stay is important.

It is often more comforting to start your adventure abroad by heading to a nearby country, to a country that allows you to quickly reach France in case of a fall or homesickness. That’s why going out on the occasion of a language stay england can be a good solution for a first experience abroad. Whether heading to London, or Oxford, or even the Isle of Wight, the child or teenager will return home with many memories (and certainly with many treats not found in France!).

He will have progressed a lot in English and will surely have only one wish: to leave again soon to discover another country in the world! In a language course, there is a lot to discover about yourself and the world around you.

Travel shapes young people

So where does the wanderlust begin and where does it end? You have to believe that once you start, you don’t want to stop. Once you’ve proven the language’s permanence, it can be tricky to want to end it. We come back from these experiences with a better level of language, better self-confidence, personal and sociable skills developed. The bright spot? No need to be dull: you can go abroad without waiting for the holidays.

In fact, the option of going to study abroad has now become simpler than simple and you can go away for a few weeks, a few months or a few years! Many organizations offer to go study abroad any time of the year: Korea, USA, New Zealand, Costa Rica, etc. You can take a professional break (thanks to the CPF, do a language stay through training), or decide to get a degree abroad or even take a gap year! The world belongs to you!

Once again: no matter what age and whether it is to travel or study, there will necessarily be a stay abroad that will be adapted to your wishes, and that, regardless of the time of your life – childhood – adolescence – adulthood). If you need a little help getting started, don’t hesitate to read testimonials from people who have participated in this type of experience. Miss France 2020, for example, recently spoke about her gap year in Miami and this year’s benefits with EF, the leading organization for language stays.

If adventure tempts you, don’t hesitate and live an exceptional adventure!

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